Aditi Bhatia plans to return to India after the government decides to repatriate stranded citizens stuck abroad

6 May, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Actor Aditi Bhatia is planning to return to India after the Indian government decides to repatriate stranded citizens stuck abroad. The diva said, she has filled the application but till now didn't...

After the lockdown was imposed nationwide, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s fame Aditi Bhatia got stuck in Los Angeles. However, now the government has eased some restrictions and will repatriate 15000 nations from abroad. So, Aditi Bhatia is now planning to return to India and has begun the preparations to come back to her home.

Talking to a web portal, the actress said her family is aware of government steps taken to bring back all the nationals stuck in abroad. Aditi revealed that there are Indians just like her who came as a tourist and now stuck here. Talking about the returning process she has filled the application and soon it will be taken into consideration by the government.

Meanwhile, Aditi also said, that their no direct flight to India so firstly they will travel within the United States of America than will take a connecting flight to India. Though it’s a risky decision as a chance to get contacted to the virus is high but there is no other way to reach India as there are no flights from LA airports.

Check Aditi’s LA video:

Asking about the further repatriation process, she said she didn’t get an answer from the Indian embassy but hoping for the best and soon she will return to India. Talking about the current scenario of India, the number is increasing rapidly as it has now reached to 49,391 with a death toll of 1,694. While globally the number is account 3.68M with a 258K death toll, till now 1.21 million has recovered.