Administrator turned actor Abhishek Singh is being a good Samaritan; helps his Delhi Crime season 2 unit during lockdown

11 May, 2020 | newsx bureau

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The real life IAS officer will be playing his character on-reel in one of the most talked-about OTT shows, Delhi Crime Season 2.

The most celebrated young IAS officers of our country, Abhishek Singh took us by surprise when the announcement of him turning into an actor with Delhi Crime season two was made. Now, the administrator turned actor is also extending his support to the unit of his show during the lockdown.

Setting another example, Abhishek is being a role model as he is not just helping the daily wage workers but the unit as a whole, including ancillary workers and actors from his show for the next three months who need support during these challenging times where everything has come to a halt and there is a constant struggle to make ends meet.

Taking to his social media handle, Abhishek writes, “Here we remind ourselves #IforINDIANS a thought, a movement, a culture!
Let’s #MakeAChain of Humanity to #BreakTheChain of crisis!!”

Sending across a message, he also shares, “All of us are feeling the impact of this unprecedented crisis but not in equal measure, because a large section of us is more severely impacted. Netflix and I have come together to take care of our own unit of Delhi Crime. Let’s take responsibility of those who we know‬, ‪financially and emotionally!‬
‪We are taking care of all our daily wage earners and other needy members of our team for the next 3 months. Let’s #MakeAChain of taking responsibility of our knowns to #BreakTheChain of unequal impact. Humanity is a community, we Indians have cherished since childhood. #IforINDIANS”.

The members of the unit also, expressed their gratitude towards Abhishek’s philanthropic initiative and hailed his efforts on their social media handles.

The real life IAS officer will be playing his character on-reel in one of the most talked-about OTT shows, Delhi Crime Season 2. It is perhaps for the first time that such a celebrated IAS officer will be turning actor for a web show of this stature. Abhishek is widely known for all the incredible work he has done towards the welfare of the country.

Abhishek Singh has held key positions in the administrative departments of our country. Presently posted as Deputy Commissioner in Delhi, he is known for his exemplary work in education and healthcare. He also adopted a government school in Delhi and time and again, conducts activities for the students. Abhishek has led several demolition campaigns against illegal constructions in the capital. Delhi’s most popular Odd-Even Traffic Scheme was also conducted under his supervision.

Truly, during this trying and challenging time, the country needs more such good Samaritans like Abhishek who are going an extra mile to support the workers of the society with their noble efforts.