Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Afghan Embassy in India Shuts Down Operations, Labels Taliban as “Illegitimate Government”

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In a significant development, the Afghan Embassy in India has made the startling announcement of shutting down its operations, citing two primary reasons: a “lack of resources” and the “Taliban regime’s failure to advance Afghanistan’s interests.”

The embassy went even further, issuing a resolute statement condemning specific consulates that operate under instructions and funding from Kabul, asserting that these entities do not align with the goals of a legitimate or elected government but instead serve the interests of an “illegitimate regime.”

The embassy conveyed its decision with a tone of deep sorrow and disappointment, emphasizing the careful contemplation that led to this regrettable step. They underscored the historical bonds and enduring partnership between Afghanistan and India.

In their statement released in the early hours of Sunday, the Afghan Embassy stated, “It is with profound sadness, regret, and disappointment that the Embassy of Afghanistan in New Delhi announces this decision to cease its operations.”

Furthermore, in accordance with Article 45 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961), the embassy declared that all its property and facilities would be handed over to the custodial authority of the host country. They also called upon the Indian government to give serious consideration to the four requests outlined in their official note verbale submitted earlier.

The embassy left no room for ambiguity when it expressed its firm belief about the activities of certain consulates. They contended that these actions were incongruent with the objectives of a legitimate or elected government and instead catered to the interests of an illegitimate regime.

Emphasizing their unwavering commitment to democracy, legitimacy, and the well-being of the Afghan people, the embassy pledged to continue representing Afghanistan diligently while adhering to the principles of international diplomacy and compliance with established laws and regulations.

The embassy attributed its decision to the “lack of support” from the host government, a failure to meet expectations in advancing Afghanistan’s interests, and a reduction in personnel and resources. In a gesture of gratitude, they acknowledged the support of the people of India and the assistance provided by the Indian government over the past 22 years. The Afghan ambassador and diplomats extended their heartfelt appreciation in this regard.

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