Sunday, December 10, 2023

Delhi Court gives permission to produce Aftab for Narco test

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A Delhi Court granted the Delhi Police’s request to bring Aaftab Amin Poonawala to FSL Rohini for Narco Analysis from Tihar jail, where he is in judicial custody, on Tuesday.

Metropolitan magistrate Aviral Shukla granted the investigating officer’s request for permission to bring Aaftab before FSL Rohini for the examination. The court granted permission for Aaftab to go before physicians at Ambedkar Hospital on December 1 for a pre-test medical assessment. According to reports, the court also granted permission for him to be produced in FSL from Tihar prison on December 5.

His exams could not be performed since he had been ill for several days.

After police inquiry, the Court ordered Aaftab Amin Poonawala to judicial prison on November 26. He was born via video conference from Ambedkar Hospital.

According to authorities, the Court held the hearing through video conference and sentenced Aaftab to 13 days in judicial imprisonment.

On November 18, Metropolitan Magistrate Vijayshree Rathore granted the accused Aaftab’s request for a polygraph test.

The Delhi police had petitioned a lower court for permission to perform Aaftab Amin Poonawala’s polygraph test. According to police, the accused is giving false replies to queries.

According to Delhi police, Aaftab is providing false information and misleading the investigation.

This is the second scientific examination Delhi police sought to conduct on Aaftab.

Earlier the court had ordered Rohini Forensic Science Lab to conduct a narco test of accused Aaftab within 5 days. The court directed the IO not to use any third-degree measures. He is in further 5 days of police custody. MLC be prepared as per rules.

Metropolitan magistrate Vijayshree Rathore had also allowed the application seeking permission for a Narco analysis test of accused Aaftab.

The FSL, Rohini was directed to allow the IO for conducting the Narco Analysis Test of the accused within five days from today, the court said in an order on November 18.

During the proceedings, the accused was explained the meaning of the Narcos Analysis Test and the consequences thereof.

He further informed that since he is not physically produced before the court today and his consent for the Narcos Analysis Test is being sought through video conferencing mode via video conferencing Meet, his consent shall be recorded through his Legal-Aid Counsel Harshit Sagar who was appointed on his behalf on November 14.

According to sources Delhi police had submitted before the court that the investigation is going on. The accused is to be taken to Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh where he went with Shraddha.

Delhi police had also submitted that further custodial interrogation of the accused is required to unearth the entire case and to collect the evidence.

Earlier, the court had allowed applications seeking the appearance of Aaftab through VC.

Delhi police submitted that as per the information some religious outfits and miscreants may attack the accused. In these scenarios, it would not be appropriate to produce the accused in the courtroom.

On Monday evening, two people wielding swords attacked the police van transporting him from Rohini to Tihar jail. They had been apprehended. The court remanded both individuals in judicial custody.

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