After getting landing clearance, plane missed approach runway: Kozhikode crash prelim report

9 August, 2020 | newsx bureau

Kozhikode Plane Crash National

The preliminary report in Kozhikode's Friday plane crash which is said to have killed at least 18 people including both the pilots, says that despite clearance to land on Runway 28 of the Karipur A...

The Air India Express flight IX-1344, which was part of the Vande Bharat Mission, had crash-landed at the Kozhikode airport on Friday leading to the death of 18 people including the two pilots, carried out missed approach runway 28 at time 13:53 Universal Time Coordinated (UTC), said the preliminary report. The preliminary report has been accessed by ANI and according to it, the aircraft asked to climb to 10,000 ft.

“Runway in use 28. Aircraft was cleared for Instrumental Landing System (ILS) approach runway 28. Aircraft left CLC at time 13:44 UTC. Visibility was 2000 m with light rain. Visibility standby was in progress and CFTs were positioned at Predetermined points. Aircraft was advised of the visibility and surface conditions before giving landing clearance. Aircraft carried out missed approach runway 28 at time 1353 UTC. The reason for a go around as per pilot was due to heavy rain. Aircraft asked for the higher climb. Aircraft was asked to climb to 10000 ft,” the preliminary report said.

“Aircraft on request was given the current wind, visibility and location of CB clouds as per the current METAR Aircraft requested runway 10 for another approach. Aircraft stopped climb at 7000 ft and requested descend. Aircraft was given descend to 3600ft and re-cleared for ILS Z Approach runway 10 via initial approach fix 284 radial 15 DME,” it added.

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Further, the initial report which was submitted before the Civil Aviation Ministry also stated that just after landing, the aircraft went out of the runway.

“When aircraft reported on localizer, it was given descend as per procedure and asked to report on ILS. Aircraft was given landing clearance on ILS at time 1407. Aircraft was again given runway surface condition, wind and visibility. It was observed by the controller that the aircraft has not touched down till abeam taxiway C. On anticipation that the aircraft may overshoot runway the controller has asked the CFT on PD point to enter runway and follow the aircraft. Since the controller was not able to sight the aircraft at the end of runway, fire bell and siren were activated. CFT from the end of runway reported unable to sight the aircraft on the runway. CFT was asked to proceed to the valley and check,” the initial report stated.

Union Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri had on Saturday said that findings of the investigation into the accident of the Air India Express plane in Kozhikode on Friday will be made public. The minister said in a tweet on Saturday that black boxes of the flight, which came from Dubai and skidded off the runway, have been recovered.

As per aviation experts, a tabletop runway is a runway that is located on the top of a plateau or hill with one or both ends adjacent to a steep precipice that drops into a deep gorge. This type of runway creates an optical illusion that requires a very precise approach by the pilot.

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