Air India Kozhikode crash: All about Wing Commander Sathe

8 August, 2020 | Ojasvi Chauhan

Wing Commander Deepak V Sathe National

Wing Commander Deepak Vasant Sathe lost his life in the plane crash tragedy that happened on Friday evening at Kerala's Kozhikode airport. He was an accomplished fighter plane pilot before he chose...

Wing Commander Deepak Vasant Sathe is among 18 people who lost their lives in the Kerala plane crash catastrophe that befell on Friday. At Kerala’s Kozhikode airport, an Air India Express flight carrying 190 people broke into pieces as it skidded off a tabletop runway due to heavy rain. The flight was missioned to bring Indians stranded in Dubai, due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis back to the country. The flight carried 184 passengers that included 10 children and 4 members of the cabin crew.

The two pilots who were present in the Air India Express flight IX-1344, Deepak Vasant Sathe and Akhilesh Kumar died in the plane crash on Friday. Wing Commander Deepak V Sathe flew planes for Air India formerly, as he was a decorated former Indian Air Force pilot. He was an award-winning pilot who flew planes for the forces before flying the Air India Express planes.

Reportedly, Sathe was experienced in flying Boeing 737 planes, he held a sword of honour from the Air Force Academy, Hyderabad. He was an alumnus of the National Defence Academy and an excellent Squash player. Reports say that Sathe was an established fighter pilot before he opted to become a commercial pilot. His co-pilot Akhilesh Kumar was recently married, it had just been a year to his marriage.

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Air India Express flight IX-1344 was a part of the Vande Bharat mission under which, Indians who are struck abroad are being brought back to India amid the coronavirus outbreak. As per the reports, a flight-tracking website stated that the pilots tried to land the aircraft several times on the tabletop runway, surrounded by deep gorges.

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