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NewsX A-List: Aisshwarya Deshmukkh, Mrs. Asia Pacific Universe 2023 Advocates for Women Empowerment

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Aisshwarya Deshmukkh from Bangalore, Karnataka, has emerged victorious as the recipient of the esteemed Mrs. Asia Pacific Universe 2023 title, marking a significant milestone in her inspiring journey. As the epitome of grace, poise, and exceptional talent, Mrs. Deshmukkh has not only garnered this prestigious accolade but has also been honored with the distinguished title of ‘Mrs. Sincere’ at the 46th edition of Mrs. Universe, hosted in Manila, Philippines. Her outstanding achievements have served as a beacon of inspiration to women globally, showcasing the power of perseverance and determination.

In an exclusive interview with Devika Chopra on NewsX India A-List, Aisshwarya Deshmukkh shared insights into her transformational journey and her motivations for participating in the pageant. Reflecting on her path to the Mrs. Asia Pacific title, she expressed her desire to break barriers and challenge herself while serving as an inspiration for countless women aiming to overcome societal stereotypes and limitations. She credited her organization, ‘She is India,’ for providing her with the platform to embark on this empowering journey.

Aisshwarya Deshmukkh expressed, “My journey towards becoming Mrs. Asia Pacific was truly to challenge myself and come out of my comfort zone. I wanted to be a representative for countless women, and that’s how my journey started by firstly pushing myself beyond my boundaries.”

In response to Devika Chopra’s inquiry about the impact of the pageant on her life, Mrs. Deshmukkh emphasized the evolving nature of beauty pageants, highlighting their emphasis on leadership qualities, thought processes, and effective communication. She acknowledged the invaluable grooming and newfound confidence that the experience had instilled in her, enabling her to establish global networks and present herself with grace and poise.

“With the grooming and training, I’ve been through, I’ve gained a new level of confidence and learned the importance of effective communication. Networking with people globally has given me a renewed sense of self-assurance and empowerment,” Deshmukkh remarked.

Discussing the theme of the pageant, which centered on domestic violence, Aisshwarya Deshmukkh emphasized the significance of advocating against this pervasive issue. She acknowledged the bravery of women who shared their experiences on the platform and stressed the importance of collective voices in bringing about substantial change.

Deshmukkh passionately stated, “It took tremendous courage for these women to come forward and share their experiences of domestic violence. When 100 voices unite, it can give us the power to bring about substantial change. It’s imperative that we continue to advocate and stand up against such issues.”

When questioned about balancing her responsibilities as Mrs. Asia Pacific with her personal and professional life, Mrs. Aisshwarya Deshmukkh underscored the unwavering support she received from her family and colleagues, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between her personal and professional endeavors. Her husband’s encouragement and her son’s uplifting words have provided her with the necessary motivation to navigate both spheres of her life seamlessly.

“For me, personal and professional life go hand in hand. The support I receive from my family and colleagues has been instrumental in maintaining this balance,” Deshmukkh noted.

Furthermore, Aisshwarya Deshmukkh expressed her fervent commitment to advocating for mental health awareness, highlighting the need to prioritize this critical aspect of overall well-being. She underscored the necessity of incorporating mental health screenings as a fundamental part of routine healthcare practices, stressing the significance of holistic well-being beyond physical health.

Mrs. Deshmukkh emphasized, “Mental health should be a priority for all. It is imperative that we integrate mental health screenings into routine healthcare practices. I aim to be a strong advocate for the importance of mental well-being in our society.”

Mrs. Aisshwarya Deshmukkh also addressed the challenges faced by women in contemporary society, particularly the pressures associated with societal beauty standards and financial dependency. Encouraging women to embrace their inner beauty and strive for financial independence, she emphasized the importance of self-acceptance and empowerment, advocating for a paradigm shift in societal perceptions.

“Women should embrace their inner beauty and strive for financial independence. Self-acceptance and empowerment are crucial in redefining societal norms,” Deshmukkh remarked.

In her parting words, Aisshwarya Deshmukkh offered profound advice for young women aspiring to create a positive impact in their communities and beyond. Urging them to embrace their past, navigate the present, and shape their future, she emphasized the transformative power of setbacks and the importance of resilience in the pursuit of one’s aspirations.

“I urge all young women to learn from their past, embrace the present, and shape their future. Setbacks are an opportunity for growth and transformation. Be bold, be beautiful, and strive for excellence,” Deshmukkh concluded, leaving a message of inspiration and empowerment for all aspiring women.

With her unwavering commitment to championing critical causes and empowering women, Aisshwarya Deshmukkh continues to serve as an exemplary figure, inspiring individuals to strive for excellence and advocate for meaningful change in society.

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