Ajit Pawar takes oath as Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister

2 July, 2023 | Priya Rani

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Around 40 MLAs reach the oath taking of Ajit Pawar at the Raj Bhavan in Mumbai

Ajit Pawar taking oath as the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, is a significant development in the state’s political landscape. Following an urgent meeting of NCP MLAs called by Pawar on Sunday, he promptly arrived at the Raj Bhawan, where Chief Minister Eknath Shinde also later arrived.

Speculation had circulated regarding Pawar’s dissatisfaction over being denied the position of the party’s state unit chief. Previously, he had expressed a willingness to resign from the role of Leader of Opposition, expressing a desire for an organizational responsibility within the party.

Nine MLAs including Ajit Pawar are likely to take take oath today at the Raj Bhavan

Ajit Pawar becomes Deputy CM of Maharashtra

There are over 30 MLAs present at the Raj Bhavan in Mumbai. Here is the list of a few prominent one:

  • Dilip Walse Patil
  • Hasan Mushrif
  • Chhagan Bhujbal
  • Kiran Lahamate
  • Nilesh Lanke
  • Dhananjay Munde
  • Ramraje Nimbalkar
  • Daulat Daroda
  • Makrand Patil
  • Anul Benke
  • Sunil Tingre
  • Amol Mitkari
  • Aditi Tatkare
  • Shekhar Nikam
  • Nilay Naik
  • Ashok Pawar
  • Anil Patil
  • Saroj Ahire

    The Nine MLAs likely to take oath today includes:
  • Chhagan Bhujbal
  • Hasan Mushrif
  • Dilip Walse Patil
  • Dhananjay Munde
  • Aditi Sunil Tatkare
  • Anil Bhaidas Patil
  • Baburao Atram
  • Sanjay Bansod

Among the Nine Chhagan Bhujbal takes oath as minister