Wednesday, December 6, 2023

All 9 VCs can continue for now: Kerala HC on varsity row

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The court further stated that the petitioners would be able to continue in their jobs while adhering to all applicable laws and regulations until the Chancellor renders a final ruling.

In this context, a special session was conducted today.

This comes after the nine VCs challenged the Governor’s decision to present their resignations before the High Court. The Raj Bhavan had already written letters instructing the VCs of nine institutions to resign by 11:30 a.m. on October 24.

While dictating the judgement, the court stated, “the vitiating elements become attached to the petitioners, their appointment does not become unsustainable from October 24, 2022, but from the start, and I cannot see how the Chancellor could have softened it down.”

“A thorough investigation and consideration must be involved, especially when petitioners have specific situations to their factual scenarios.”

The petitioners’ contention that the Chancellor cannot issue a show cause notice is likewise kept open, as are all of the petitioners’ remedies to even impugn the same. “Every question, including the Chancellor’s competence and authority, is left open,” it stated.

Earlier today, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan sent summons to the Vice Chancellors of the state institutions involved, requiring them to show reason on their legal right to stay in office by 5 p.m. on or before November 3.

“Notices issued to the Vice Chancellors concerned to show cause by 5 p.m. on or before November 3rd, their legal right to stay in office as Vice Chancellors, and not to declare their appointment unlawful and invalid ab initio: PRO, Kerala Raj Bhavan,” the Kerala Governor tweeted.

“In order to correct the anomaly in the appointment of Vice Chancellors at the University of Kerala, the Hon’ble Chancellor has requested that you offer your resignation in order to begin the process of making proper appointments in line with the law.” “Because you have refused to present your resignation as requested by the Hon’ble Chancellor, there is no choice but to declare your appointment invalid and void ab initio,” read a letter linked to the tweet.

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