Online shopping giant Amazon is back with another edition of the app quiz. Five lucky winners will be rewarded Rs 10,000 as part of today’s quiz. The quiz is already live on the Amazon Quiz app and will be live till 12 pm, interested users canparticipate before or by the stipulated time. The format is simple. There will be five questions and all those who answer all questionas correctly will be rewarded 12,000. Each question comprises four options and the users have to pick any one of the four options as their answer.

Interested users can participate in the quiz through Amazon app. It is important for users to have the updated Amazon app downloaded in their phones.

How to participate in the Amazon quiz contest:

Go to Amazon app. In case you don’t have the update version, download one and then proceed.
Sign into your Amazon account
After signing-in users will see Amazon quiz banner on the main screen.
Click the amazon banner and start with the quiz.

All five questions ought to be answered correctly in order to win the cash prize. Take a look at the five questions:

– Question 1: On February 12, 2019, after 15 years of exploration, NASA declared its Mars rover ‘dead’. What was the name of this robotic rover?
– Question 2: Until 1955, the State Bank of India was known as __
– Question 3: How many times have the Chennai Super Kings won the IPL?
– Question 4: The game PUBG has been created and released by the popular gaming company EA Sports?
– Question 5: The ___ is a horseshoe-shaped zone found along the Pacific rim where around 90% of the world’s
earthquakes occur. Fill in the blanks:

The winners of the quiz will be announced on March 30 and they will selected by the method of lucky draw.

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