Amazon Quiz today, January 13, 2019: Amazon is back with its daily quiz and chance to win a BlackBerry Key 2. Those who love to keep it a bit modern and a bit archaic can totally try their luck with the Amazon quiz today. Like always, the contest period will commence from 8:00 am and will continue till 12 noon. If you are looking forward to winning an all-new BlackBerry Key 2 phone then all you need to do is follow these simple steps. At first, if you don’t have the Amazon app installed on your smartphone, download it as soon as possible.

Now, if you have already installed the app, you will need to sign in or sign up on the Amazon app as only registered players will get a chance to proceed further in the process. After registering, you will have to navigate the block carrying the Amazon quiz which will lead you to five questions, which is the only key to making it to the quiz prize. You will now answer these five questions correctly and it will make the contestant entitled to a lucky draw that will be carried among the players who have answered the questions correctly.

A total of one participant will be selected as winners by a random draw of lots. The declared winner will be eligible for winning BlackBerry Key 2. Also, the winner will be provided with his/her prize on or before February 28, 2019.


Q.1 British women over the age of 30 who met minimum property qualification could do what from Feb 1918?

Answer: Vote

Q.2 Which famous scientist wrote the book ‘A Brief History of Time’?

Answer: Stephen Hawking

Q.3 As of January 1 2019, which of these countries has officially quit the UNESCO?

Answer: USA

Q.4 Which element is represented by the chemical symbol Fe?

Answer: Iron

Q.5 Which of these is initiative recently launched by ISRO to engage students with space science activities?

Answer: Samwad


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