It’s January 2, 2019, and e-commerce giant Amazon is back with its daily quiz. Today Amazon users have a chance to win Oppo R17 Pro which was launched in August 2018. The Amazon Quiz will be live from 8:00 AM till 12 noon, therefore it’s imperative that you take the quiz within the stipulated time period. The Quiz is only available for Amazon users, and therefore if you are not a user and want to try your luck to win an Oppo R17 Pro, get yourself registered an login to your account on your mobile Amazon App, the quiz is only available on the mobile application and is not on web or any other platform.

Now, there will be 5 questions in the quiz and if a user answers all the questions correctly, he/she is entitled for a lucky draw which will be carried out amongst participants who have answered all the Contest quiz questions correctly.

The important thing to note is that the winner of the quiz will not be announced immediately, it will be announced on or before January 31, 2019.

As for the prize, Oppo R17 Pro comes with a 6.40-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 2340 pixels with the price in India starting from Rs. 43,690.


Q1.: Which nation’s athletes traditionally enter last in the Parade of Nations at the opening ceremony of the Olympics?
Answer: The host Nation

Q2.: What is the the official residence of the Pope?
Answer: Apostolic Palace

Q3.: What is the largest living bird by wingspan?
Answer: The Wandering Albatross

Q4.: Which state recently organized the 3rd Dwijing Festival 2018?
Answer: Assam

Q5.: Oscar Swahn holds the record for being the oldest Olympic medalist. How old was he when he won and made this record?
Answer: 72

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