Amazon Quiz today, January 3, 2019: E-commerce company Amazon is back with its daily quiz and another chance for app users to win exciting prizes by answering five simple questions. Those who are making there debut this time, well, the Amazon Quiz begins from 8:00 AM and continue till 12 noon. Today, the users can try their luck to win an Honor Band 4, which has been available for purchase in India via Amazone for the last couple of days. Also, the players need to register themselves on Amazon mobile app to take a part in the quiz, as it will not be available on any other platform.

Now, if you are one of the registered users on the app, you are eligible to participate by navigating to the page where five questions will be posted during the entire Contest period. Following that, all the users who will answer all the quiz questions correctly, they will be entitled to a lucky draw which will be carried out amongst participants who have answered that particular question correctly.

Coming to today’s prize, the Honor Band 4 is a fitness tracker available at a price tag of Rs 2,599. The Honor Band 4 is competing with Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3 and it is a slightly better as it features a 6-axis gyroscope and accelerometer, which can more accurate count footsteps when compared to the 3-axis sensor on the Mi Band 3. 


Q.1. What is the name of the network of highway that connects four major cities of India – Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai?

Answer: Golden Quadrilateral 

Q.2. Who was the first Indian movie star to be featured on the cover of  Time Magazine?

Answer: Parveen Babi

Q.3. What of these Marvel super villains was created when the character accidentally exposed himself to a concentrated burst of gamma rays/

Answer: Abonimation

Q.4. An Olympic gold medal is made mostly of which of these metals?

Answer: Silver

Q.5. Which planet in the solar system has the shortest day?

Answer: Jupiter

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