Amazon quiz is back with another exciting prize and today the contestants will get a chance to win a Bose QuietComfort 53 II wireless headphones. For those it’s their maiden contest, well, it starts from 8:00 AM and will continue till 12 noon. The only thing required for being a part of the contest is you have to be a registered Amazon user who has the app installed on their devices. It should be noted that one can take part in the quiz only via the mobile app as it is not available on any other platform.

After logging in the Amazon app, one will go to the page where five questions will be posted during the entire contest period. One has to answer these five questions correctly to be a part of a lucky draw that will be carried out among the participants who have answered the particular question correctly.

2 participants will be selected as winners via the lucky draw. Thereafter, the winners of the contest will not be announced immediately after the quiz but on or before January 31, 2019.

Coming to the QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II, they are designed with top-notch noise cancellation and are engineered in a way that just with the help of a voice command, one can access to Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. 


Q.1 Where were the first Winter Olympics held?

Answer: France

Q.2 Jetsun Pema became the Queen of which Asian kingdom following her marriage on October 13, 2011?

Answer: Bhutan

Q.3 Which is the least populated country in the world?

Answer: Vatican City

Q.4 The longest wrestling match in Olympic history was played in the 1912 Summer Olympics. How long did it last?

Answer: 11 hours 40 minutes

Q.5 Claque is…………

Answer: A group of people hired at a performance

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