Amazon Quiz today, March 13, 2019: Amazon QuizTime is back with an exclusive chance to win a Samsung Galaxy M20. For all those who are going to play their maiden Amazon quiz, well, the first thing to keep in mind is the time period of the contest. The contest begins at 8:00 and continues till 12 noon. So, if you have the Amazon app installed on your smartphones, don’t forget to press the notify button.

Another most important thing required is you need to have the Amazon app installed on your smartphones as the Amazon quiz is available only on the mobile platforms and not on any other. Thus install the application as soon as possible.

Now, sign in or sign up on the Amazon application. If you are already a registered user on Amazon, log in with your username and password. Those who have just installed the application, sign up on the application by filling all the required fields.

Now, navigate to the page where you can find the five questions that will be posted during the contest period. Here you will be required to answer these five questions correctly which will take you a step closer to the prize amount.

A total of 1 participant will be selected as winners by a random draw of lots. The declared winner will be eligible for winning a Samsung Galaxy M20. Also, the winner will be provided with his/her prize on or before March 30, 2019.


Q1. According To Roman Mythology, ‘Cloacina’ Was The Goddess Of ______.
Answer: Sewers
Q2. If You Were Visiting The ‘Tabo Monastery’, Where Would You Be?
Answer: Himachal Pradesh
Q3. One Liter Of Hot Air Will Be Heavier Than One Liter Of Cold Air.
Answer: False
Q4. ‘Chholiya’ Often Referred To As ‘Sword Dance’, Is The Traditional Folk Dance Form Associated With Which State?
Answer: Uttarakhand
Q5. At ____ Years Old, Kane Tanaka, A Japanese Woman Has Officially Been Confirmed As The Oldest Person Living By Guinness World Records. Fill In The Blanks.
Answer: 116

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