Amazon Quiz today, March 3, 2019: It is March 3, 2019, and Amazon has brought an exclusive chance for its users to win a Samsung Galaxy A7 via Amazon quiz. Those who have been long planning and saving to buy a new smartphone, well, it is a chance to try your luck. You can actually save the money as all you need to do is answer five simple questions and this article is going to help you with that.

For all the beginners, Amazon quiz commences from 8 am in the morning and continues till 12 noon. To be a part of it, all you need to have is an Amazon application installed on your smartphones and an account registered with it. Those who are wondering why now Amazon’s official website, actually, the Amazon quiz is only available via the application.

Now, if you have installed the application and registered yourself then navigate to the page where you can find the five questions that will be posted during the contest period.

All you are required to do now is to answer all the five questions correctly. After answering all the questions correctly, the player will be entitled to a lucky draw, which will be carried amongst participants who have answered the particular question correctly.

A total of one participant will be selected as winners by a random draw of lots. The declared winner will be eligible for winning a Samsung Galaxy A7. Also, the winner will be provided with his/her prize on or before March 30, 2019.


Q.1 Marine scientists have proposed to rename the starfish because it is an echinoderm like the sea urchin, and not a fish. What is it now known as?
Answer: Sea Star

Q.2 Which is the only tennis Grand Slam tournament that is played on grass courts currently?
Answer: Wimbledon

Q.3 The 2006 film, The Namesake, starring Tabu and Irfan Khan is based on a novel of the same name. Who is the author of that novel?
Answer: Jhumpa Lahiri

Q.4 Which actor won an Audi for the Answer of the Season in Koffee With Karan season 6?
Answer: Ajay Devgan

Q.5 All of the below are Indian fashion designer, except?
Answer: Ravi Ruia

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