Amid Covid data cover up, China seeks Nobel Peace Prize for Wuhan scientists

25 June, 2021 | Priyanka Sharma

Xi World

The Chinese have raised several eyebrows once again by demanding a Nobel Prize in Medicine for Wuhan scientists. This comes at a time when a US report has suggested that Covid-19 could have already...

Amid strong suspicion that Covid-19, which devastated millions of families across the world, might have been a Chinese bioweapon and was indeed created in the labs of Wuhan, the Chinese have gone ahead to raise eyebrows by demanding a nobel prize for its research on coronavirus. Chinese foreign ministry’s spokesperson has raised several eyebrows by stating that Wuhan Lab deserved a Nobel Prize in Medicine for studying the coronavirus. 

The demand comes in the wake of Wuhan Institute of Virology being selected by The Chinese Academy Of Science for its ‘Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize’ for its role in identifying the coronavirus. 

Interestingly, even as China remains adamant on honouring its scientists for their ‘outstanding’ job and covering up the origins of the virus, latest reports suggest that the first case of Covid-19 could have hit China in October 2019, i.e two months before the first official Covid-19 case was detected in Wuhan’s Huanan seafood market. 

The latest study conducted by researchers from Britain’s University of Kent suggests that Covid-19 could have already been circulating before it reached the wet market. 

Furthermore, a US study has exposed Xi’s regimen by stating that the International database has been meddled with. The study states that over  a dozen Covid-19 test samples, sequences and genetic makeup of virus from the early months in Wuhan have been deleted by China as a means of self defiance.