Farmers’ protest enters Day 17: NewsX’s action plan to solve deadlock

12 December, 2020 | newsx bureau

Farmers protest National

The protests against the farm laws passed by the Centre are on the rise. The Prime Minister spoke at the FICCI meet today and said that that the new laws will break down barriers between industries...

The farmers’ protest has now entered Day 17 and the agitation among the protestors is only intensifying. Earlier this week, a meeting with Amit Shah failed to resolve any issue the protesters had, and they unanimously rejected the Centre’s written offer of amendments in farm laws. Furthermore, they announced plans to escalate the protest according to which the Jaipur-Delhi Highway and the Agra-Delhi Highways have been blocked today.

By 14 December, this is set to become a nation-wide protest against the new farm laws passed by the Centre in September. Thousands of farmers have been protesting continuously at the various Delhi borders. They feel that the new laws passed by the government support the big corporate businesses and eventually they will be at the mercy of these corporates.

Speaking today at the virtual 93rd Annual Convention of the FICCI, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that breaking down barriers between sectors will lead to more growth and its effects will be seen on various other sectors. “But imagine what would happen when unnecessary walls are erected between industries. No industry will grow as fast as it should”, said the PM.

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Referring to the recent farm laws, PM Modi said, “Agriculture and its related sectors such as agricultural infrastructure, food processing, storage, cold chains had seen walls between them. Now these walls are being removed. These reforms will give farmers new markets, advantages of technology, and help bring investments. It is my country’s farmers who will benefit the most from all this”.

He also said that, “Now farmers have the option of selling their produce in mandis as well as to outside parties. These efforts are aimed at increasing farmers’ incomes”.

In order to resolve this issue, different steps can be taken which may provide some solution to the farmers.

  1. Send India Inc. to spot buy from the protesting farmers.
  2. Setting up of buying banks at Delhi borders and have Pro Bono lawyers, FPO buying agents, Fair Trade specialists and Government buying agents at these banks.
  3. The price discovery will then tell us whether it is better than the MSP or not. Data transparency should be provided in this case.
  4. Ensure that the protesting farmers do not leave Delhi without having sold their produce of the next six months at better prices than MSP.
  5. An app should be made so that people can buy directly from farmers.

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