Saturday, December 9, 2023

Amid Sino-India dispute, Chinese Army conducts nuclear, chemical, biological warfare drills

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China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) recently performed a real battle drill involving anti-nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare in the Tibet Military Region. According to an article published on the Chinese version of an official PLA news page on Tuesday, the exercise was conducted in late November by a combined military brigade of the PLA, which comprised commandos, armored assault units, and troops trained in chemical warfare.

From Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, the Western Theatre Command (WTC), China’s largest of five commands, is in control of the Sino-India disputed border. The report comes as India and China face off in eastern Ladakh over a long-running border dispute.

The report, which was only published in Chinese, described the drill’s scenario, directions, and duties of several wings and participating soldiers. However, neither the drill’s location nor its length was reported. According to a literal translation of the Chinese article, “After rockets were launched and the armored assault force was deployed, army engineers were brought in to lay explosives on the intended obstacle.”

The report also included images from the drill, including one simulating a battle situation in a poisoned zone with soldiers wearing gas masks.

According to media sources, China is conducting research on chemical and biological dual-use technologies, according to a study released by the US Department of Defense in November. It’s part of the PLA’s ongoing attempts to maintain combat readiness along the Sino-India border, where it’s claimed to have stationed a big number of troops and a large store of modern weapons.

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