Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Amid spate of resignations in J&K, Cong MLA says nobody “indispensable”

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Following the spate of resignations of 20 Congress leaders in Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday, MLA Lakshman Singh has said that nobody is “indispensable” and it does not affect the party if somebody resigns or leaves the party. 

Speaking to ANI on Thursday, the Congress MLA said, “Opportunity is created in adversity. We may possibly find 20 more people in replacement for these 20 people who resigned. So, it does not make a difference if somebody resigns or leaves the party. I believe that 20 new young workers of the party have got the opportunity. They will come forward.”

When asked that some of the resigned leaders were former ministers, Singh said that nobody is indispensable. “Nobody is indispensable, without whom the party cannot run. If one has left, the other will replace,” he told ANI.


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