China turning blind eye to Pak terror: PLA ally Pak GHQ Rawalpindi’s tactics make deadly progress

27 December, 2020 | Rakshanda Afrin


Pakistan and China's ties have collectively become a threat to democracies over the world. The most worrying development in the current scenario is the blind' eye that PRC has turned towards the wa...

While several times the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) argued that Pakistan failed to act against terror financing on its soil, it was Pak’s ally China who always used to come to its rescue. Several experts believe China’s loan to Pakistan in distress times like this, might act as a shot in the arm of terrorism. India has faced deadly terrorism acts from its arch-nemesis in the past and still remains the primary target for GHQ Rawalpindi. Many are believing Pakistan’s extremism is increasingly targetting in Europe and the United States.

The most worrying development in the current scenario is Nelson’s Eye that the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has turned towards the asymmetric warfare activities of GHQ Rawalpindi. In the past and present too Chinese are openly support Pakistan’s terrorism hotbed internationally even when they were identified terrorists by the Chinese delegation in the UN Security Council. During Trump’s administration, time and again, it had come down heavily upon Pakistan and its non-state actors for endorsing terrorism.

With increasing border faceoff with China, the spotlight has moved to the PLA, in the light of its increasing involvement even in tactical moves by GHQ(R) against common targets, principally India. Pakistan and China’s ties and friendships have collectively become a threat to democracies over the world.

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Looking from a statistics viewpoint,  the Chinese policy of being indifferent to some of the toxic tactics of GHQ Rawalpindi would go against longer-term PRC interests, but at present, ‘all the way with GHQ Rawalpindi’ seems to be the line taken by the Central Military Commission of the PRC. Pakistan is among a number of countries flagged as using luxury properties and precious jewelry as a guise for funneling “dirty money” to the UK by an official report collated by the British authorities.