PUBG 4.1 Beta Update: The all-new PUBG 4.1 beta update has been rolled out and is live now on the test servers with a lot of UI and gameplay modifications. The latest update of PUBG introduces the season 4 and the official trailer is also introduced that teases the backstory of the erangel map and for the very first time, the hame has adopted a narrative tone. Erangel has received high modifications in terms of visual aspects of the game. A new survivor pass is also going to make its way along with a co-operative mission system, new and modified weapons, new gameplay norms and a lot more.

As per the trailer of the PIBG Season 4 is concerned, the trailer has added a specific story-driven element to the game. The official cinematic trailer hints towards a story of survival in the Erangel map. The trailer shows a boy surviving the war on Erangel and becoming the master of the whole Island where he witnesses the commencement of the battle royal action in real-time.

The PUBG Season 4.1 beta update is live and running on the test servers and with it. As per the changes are considered, the most important change is the visual modification of the Erangel map. The graphical representation of the areas on the map like the Quarry, Mylta power, and the military base has been improved and new elements like the camouflage, blast marks, and abandoned tanks have been added. The grass density, overall brightness, and color saturation have also been reduced in the update.

The season 4 has introduced a new survivor pass known as the Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath which brings new skins and other items as well as 100s of rewards. A new cooperative mission has also made its way which is going to begin on July 23, 2019.