Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse January 2019 Date and Time: 2019 is going to experience only one lunar eclipse this year and it will be happening on the night of January 20 to January 21. This eclipse has been named as Super Blood Wolf Moon and is said to begin at 7.34 pm according to the Pacific Standard Time on January 20, which converts to 9:00 am IST (January 21). One of the important things to note is that India will not be able to experience this lunar eclipse.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration says that if the sky stays clear, this lunar eclipse will be witnessed by reland, Britain, Norway, Spain, North America, South America, Greenland, Iceland, Sweden, Portugal and France. Also, the rest of Europe and Africa is also expected to get a glimpse of Super Blood Wolf Moon. Again, the point to be noted for us is that the lunar eclipse will not be visible here in India or any other Asian country.

For all the people out there, who are really interested to get the live updates of this eclipse should note that the website is running a live stream for Super Blood Wolf Moon and everyone can watch that on January 20, 2019. Until now, there is no news of NASA having any official live stream.

Curious to know why is it named Super Blood Wolf Moon? The eclipse is being named SuperMoon because, during this, the moon will be at the closest distance to our mother earth in an orbit which is known as perigee. And the reason its name has blood is that, during this total lunar eclipse, the moon will appear in a reddish colour.