After spending three years in the Kokrajhar detention centre 59-year-old Madhubala Mondal was released today, The border branch for Assam Police had put the old lady under detention after a faulty investigation. According to the sources, in 2016 the border branch of the Assam Police who was responsible for the detention of the old lady named Madhubala Mondal, supposed to arrest one Madhubala Das- who was an alleged foreigner living in Chirang district’s No 1 Bishnupur Village. But the woman had died, so the investigating officers had picked up Madhubala Mondal mistakenly.

Madhubala Mondal, who is a widow was the only earning member of her family at the time when police turned up at her doorstep. She has a deaf-and-dumb daughter who was abandoned after marriage.

Because of being extremely poor and illiterate, the women could not even challenge the police when the gendarmes came to pick her up. The matter came under light only after some social worker from Chirag district came to know about the fact about her detention.

The government has ordered the Assam police to file an affidavit about the case in the Foreigners Tribunal and release Madhubala Mondal as soon as possible.

Earlier this month Amila Shah, a 40-year-old lady from Dhlaibeel in Sonitpur district has been detained in Assam after the Foreigners Tribunal declared her a foreigner. After that, it was revealed that Amila Shah and her family have roots in Bihar and they have been living in Assam during 50 overs. Ramesh Gupta, brother of Amila Shah said that they may be poor and illiterate but that does not mean they are not Indian.