BJP chief Amit Shah on Friday appointed Members of Parliament Radhamohan Singh, Hansraj Ahir, Vinod Sonkar, CT Ravi as election officers for the upcoming organisational elections. According to the reports, BJP organisational elections will be held next month and the following decision has been taken in keeping the functionaries of the ruling party. The party organisational elections held after every three years. In 2016, Amit Shah was elected as BJP chief. Now the party’s 2,500 national council members will decide who will succeed Shah.

A few weeks ago, BJP had appointed veteran leader Radha Mohan Singh as in-charge of a panel to oversee the elections. He will be assisted by 3 other stalwarts MP Vinod Sonkar, former MP Hansraj Ahir and lone Karnataka MLA C T Ravi. Radhamohan Singh hails from Bihar and has served as a Union minister first Narendra Modi government. The reports say the exercise will take 5 to 6 months time to get over it.

After the appointment, Radhamohan Singh told the media that he will carry out the responsibility with full commitment and try to deliver his best. Reports say Amit Shah may opt-out of BJP working committer and will take care of only his duties as Union Home Minister in the Narendra Modi government 2.0. Although, the saffron party has not made any official comment on such reports. The BJP internal polls will be held next month and the whole series may take 5 to 6 months time. 

Under Amit Shah’s leadership, BJP has won many states and general elections twice 2014 and 2019.