Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday lashed out at the opposition’s grand alliance and said that opposition leaders have started making excuses for their defeat before the Lok Sabha elections 2019. While interacting with BJP booth-level workers, PM Modi said that for opposition EVM is a villain. He said that every political party wants to win, but when parties take the public for granted it’s really worrisome.

“They consider public stupid and so keep changing colours,” said Prime Minister. Attacking the Mahagathbandhan, PM Modi said opposition parties have formed alliances with each other, the saffron party has joined hands with 125cr citizens of this country.

They have dhanshakti, we have janshakti, PM Modi said. “Jis manch se ye log desh aur loktantra ko bachane ki baat keh rahe the, usi manch par ek neta ne Bofors ghotale ki yaad dila di. Aakhir sacchai kab tak chupti hai. Kabhi na kabhi to sach bahar aa hi jaata hai, jo kal Kolkata mein hua.”

From the stage where opposition leaders were speaking about save the democracy, someone from them raised the issue of Bofors alleged scam. No one can hide the truth, it comes out one day like it came out in Kolkata yesterday., said Prime Minister.  

PM further added, “Ye mahagathbandhan ek anokha bandhan hai. Ye bandhan to, naamdaaro ka bandhan hai. Ye bandhan to bhai-bhativaaj ka, bhrashtachaar ka, ghotalon ka, nakaaratmakta ka, asthirta ka, asamaanta ka bandhan hai. Ye ek adbhut sangam hai.” The grand alliance of naamdaars, corruption, negativity, inequality.