Kerala woman killed in Sri Lanka church blasts: An Indian woman was among killed in Sri Lanka on Sunday after a wave of blasts rocked the country. She has been identified as a resident of Kerala. Raseena, 58 lost her life when an explosion took place in a Colombo hotel. Kerala chief minister’s office has confirmed that a woman belonged to Kasargod district was among the slain. The efforts have been initiated to bring her mortal remains back to the country.

At least 207 people have lost their lives and more than 450 critically injured after several eight explosions took place in the country during Easter congregations. A total of seven people have been arrested allegedly in connection with the blasts. A curfew has been imposed in the country.

Harsha de Silva, Minister of Economic Reforms and Public Distribution said that action would be taken to stop the activities of all extremist groups in the country. He said that social media has also been banned in the country.