On a day when a united opposition showed its strength in Kolkata to take on the Modi-Shah duo in the ensuing Lok Sabha polls, BJP MLA Sadhna Singh from Uttar Pradesh brewed controversy over her remarks on Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and Samajwadi Party (SP) alliance in Uttar Pradesh. BJP MLA while addressing a gathering in Chandauli attacked BSP supremo Mayawati over the alliance saying she sold her “dignity” to get power. Alluding to Mahabaratha, and connecting it to the infamous 1995 guest house incident, BJP MLA said “Draupadi was a victim of sexual misconduct. She vowed to get revenge. That was a self-respecting woman. Look at this woman. Everything was looted from her, despite which she sold all her dignity to get power.”

BJP MLA Sadhana Singh didn’t stop here, she called BSP chief a blot on womankind comparing the latter with a kinnar saying she is neither a woman or a man.

BJP legislator’s remarks immediately drew condemnation, with BSP’s SC Mishra saying that the comment showed the level of BJP, adding that the comment shows who unnerved BJP is with BSP-SP alliance asserting that BJP leaders have lost their mental balance and they should be admitted to mental hospitals in Agra and Bareilly.