As PTI chief Imran Khan claimed the victory in Pakistan elections 2018 against Sharif’s PMLN, a video from 1992 has surfaced where former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is heard asking Imran Khan to join politics. Ironically, Iram Khan who had denied Nawaz’s offer that time is now in power after beating Nawaz Sharif’s brother Shahbaz Sharif’s PMLN by a huge margin. The video surfaces at the time when several PMLN leaders had accused Imran Khan of rigging the elections by joining hands with the Pakistan Military and the ISI. Earlier, PMLN also staged a protest outside the Pakistan Military general headquarters and claimed that the elections were rigged and the results are being controlled.

The video dates back to 1992 when Pakistan won its first cricket World Cup. In the video clip that is going viral since Imran Khan claimed the Prime minister’s chair in Pakistan, a foreign journalist is seen asking Nawaz Sharif about Imran khan joining politics. To this, Nawaz Sharif says that he had offered Imran to join his party long ago but he denied. Sharif later went on to say that his offer to Imran Khan is still valid. While this conversation was taking place, Imran Khan was seen smiling with his hands folded. 

As per reports, while talking to Shahbaz Sharif about the PTI’s victory in Pakistan general elections, Nawaz Sharif said that the general elections were stolen by the unseen forces. He further said that following elections were tainted and dubious.

He further said that PTI won KP despite Imran’s dismal performance. He added that just like this province, the results were also influenced in other parts of the country.