An all-round performance from the Kolkata Knight riders helped them to breach the fortress in Jaipur and beat the Rajasthan Royals by 7 wickets. Skipper Dinesh Karthik hit a winning six in the 19th over off Ben Laughlin to seal things in the match as he made a breezy 42. He was ably supported by youngster Nitish Rana who made 35. The 240year old was the Man of the Match for the second straight time as contributed with both bat and ball and also took a wonderful catch in the field. 

Earlier in the match, the KKR bowlers restricted RR to a modest 160/8, despite Sunil Narine going for 48 in his four overs – his worst ever figures in the IPL. Rana picked up 2/11 as he dismissed both the openers Rahane and short in successive overs after the RR openers put up 54 for the first-wicket stand. Sanju Samson had an off day as he was dismissed cheaply and since then, the bowlers picked up wickets at regular intervals as the RR innings never got going. 

Join us tomorrow then for match 16 where the Kings XI Punjab take on the Sunrisers Hyderabad at Mohali. Till then, its goodnight and goodbye!

Here are the Highlights from the encounter between Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders:

11:30 PM IST | It was all too comfortable in the end as their skipper comes handy with a breezy 42. Giving him good company was young Nitish Rana who made a solid 35. And the most important thing as Michael Vaughan mentions it on air – the player to watch out for today, Andre Russell, all he did was take a simple catch. did not bowl or bat and shows how strong this KKR lineup is. They now go to the top of the points table having won 3 out of the 4 matches so far. 

They were probably a bit too light with their first innings score, for which the credit must go to how well the visitors’ spinners bowled. Despite Narine enduring his worst IPL figures, Chawla, Kuldeep and Rana combined really well to keep the Royals down to 160, which, as we later found it, was not enough to contain a powerful Kolkata batting unit. They didn’t even need Russell tonight. There could even be some concerns for Rahane when it comes to his new ball bowlers. They don’t have the pace to blow out someone like, say Narine, who comes out slogging. 

11:25 PM IST | KKR Win by 7  wickets! Set himself up for this length ball and launched it into the night sky and hoists it over long-on. a comprehensive victory from KKR and they never looked uneasy.

11:21 PM IST | KKR: 151/3, 18 overs; Rana- 31, Karthik- 35

9 off the over as Karthik hits a four. Was a full toss outside off from Stokes, 144kph, Karthik carves it away through backward point. Rocketed off his bat. Just 10 needed now and two overs remaining. 

11:15 PM IST | KKR: 142/3, 17 overs; Rana- 29, Karthik- 28

Excellent over that for KKR. All talks about the run-rate getting too high have been thrown away as both the batsmen hit a six each in the Unafdkat over. Just 19 required off 18 then as 16 came in this one. KKR cruising to a big win here. 

11:08 PM IST | KKR: 126/3, 16 overs; Rana- 21, Karthik- 20

Another quite over as Laughlin gives just 5 from it. 16 runs from the last three overs. And because of this, the required run-rate has risen to 8.75. A wicket or two for Rajasthan here can turn the tables. Strategic time-out taken by KKR as 35 needed off final 24.

11:04 PM IST | KKR: 121/3, 15 overs; Rana- 20, Karthik- 16

5 off the over from Ben Stokes. It’s looking comfortable for KKR. But RR are not completely out of it. The required rate is such that a wicket here could open the door for panic to set in

10:53 PM IST | KKR: 116/3, 14 overs; Rana- 19, Karthik- 12

Shreyas Gopal bowls his third over. Just 6 from it. No need to hurry here as the required run-rate is just 7.3. No need to take unnecessary risks. Simple running and an occasional boundary should see KKR home. 

10:53 PM IST | KKR: 110/3, 13 overs; Rana- 17, Karthik- 8

13 off the over despite the wicket. So Uthappa misses a well-deserved 50, again! Gowtham finishes of with 4 overs – 23 runs- 2 wickets! Excellent figures those. KKR need 51 off 42 balls as skipper Karthik comes to the middle and is off to a great start as he’s off and running. 

10:50 PM IST | WICKET! Excellent athleticism from Stokes at the boundary. Great game awareness and excellent skills. One of those juggling catches which you watch again and again on youtube. It was drilled back hard by Uthappa, and Stokes had plenty to do at long-on. Initially, he had to take a brilliant overhead catch while making sure that he times his jump nicely. And then he had to toss the ball back in as his feet were going to encroach the cushions. Uthappa c Stokes b Gowtham 48(36) [4s-6 6s-2]

10:48 PM IST | KKR: 97/2, 12 overs; Rana- 12, Uthappa- 48

7 off the over. Rana hit a four first ball from Laughlin. It was a low full toss outside off, Rana puts bat to ball and it skims away through the covers. Didn’t go too hard on the drive, just focused on timing which was spot on.

10:44 PM IST | KKR: 90/2, 11 overs; Rana- 6, Uthappa- 47

A stumping check off the last ball but Uthappa is safe. Did well to keep his foot grounded and brings it back in time. Approaching a 50 then. Much needed for him. Looked in great form against Delhi but missed out on making it count there. 

10:42 PM IST | KKR: 87/2, 10 overs; Rana- 4, Uthappa- 46

10 off the over as Unadkat commits a misfield at the third-man boundary. The ball just spun past him for four. Halfway there, then is KKR. And this is some brilliant recovery after losing Lynn for a duck in the first over. 

10:35 PM IST | KKR: 77/2, 9 overs; Rana- 1, Uthappa- 40

10:32 PM IST | WICKETT! Narine does a Rahane here, from the first innings. Poor piece of running there. First of all he tried to reverse sweep it and as it went off the pads to short third man. Narine wanted the run but Uthappa sent him back. There was no chance that Uthappa would have completed the run. Unadkat is the man who throws it at the keeper’s end to catch Narine well short of his crease. Narine run out (Unadkat/Buttler) 35(25) [4s-5 6s-1]

10:30 PM IST | KKR: 69/1, 8 overs; Narine- 35, Uthappa- 33

Another edge, another boundary. On a length around off, Narine goes hard at it and gets an outside edge that makes it fly past the keeper. Even a dive by Buttler wouldn’t have helped his cause

10:25 PM IST | KKR: 62/1, 7 overs; Narine- 30, Uthappa- 32

SIXshort and punished! Gopal drops it short on off, Uthappa camps back and times his pull over mid-wicket, an impressive blow

10:20 PM IST | KKR: 53/1, 6 overs; Narine- 28, Uthappa- 25

Ben Laughlin bowls the final over of the powerplay. Uthappa starts the over with a four and Narine ends with a six, pulls it over mid-wicket to end the powerplay with a maximum. Good recovery by KKR after the loss of Lynn in the first over of the innings. 50 off the partnership between the two. 

10:15 PM IST | KKR: 40/1, 5 overs; Narine- 21, Uthappa- 19

uthappa follows suit as he too hits Unadkat for three fours in his first over. These two look set right now and unless any big calamity strikes, there shouldn’t be any problem chasing this total. 

10:12 PM IST | KKR: 27/1, 4 overs; Narine- 21, Uthappa- 6

Three consecutive fours in the over from Narine. And it gets better every time. He’s looking dangerous and in-form, trying to make amends for his off-day in the field with the ball. 

10:09 PM IST | KKR: 15/1, 3 overs; Narine- 9, Uthappa- 6

Gowtham bowls his second over and gives just 6 from it. Uthappa, however, greets him with a boundary first ball, punches it past mid-off for four. 

10:03 PM IST | KKR: 9/1, 2 overs; Narine- 8, Uthappa- 1

Good follow-up over from Dhawal Kulkarni. 8 runs from it. Included a risky boundary from Narine. A short delivery around off, too close to be cut and Narine goes ahead with the shot. Gets a top edge that eludes the leaping keeper and finds the fence. Lucky to be still out there, but this is how he plays. 

10:00 PM IST | KKR: 1/1, 1 over; Narine- 1, Uthappa- 0

Excellent first over from Gowtham. just the single from it and more importantly, he bowled out the danger-man Lynn. In comes Robin Uthappa. 

9:55 PM IST | WICKETTTT! Huge one! LYNN IS GONE FOR A DUCK! What a perfect start for Rajasthan and a devastating start for KKR and Lynn. Again, the ball keeps low and It’s a short delivery and with a bit of off-spin, Lynn goes back to cut and gets undone due to the lack of bounce and spin on that. No Lynn special tonight and the crowd at Jaipur erupts. Chris Lynn b Gowtham 0(2) 

9:54 PM IST | Back with the chase then! 161 to get and Sunil Narine, Chris Lynn open for KKr. K. Gowtham to start off the proceedings for RR. 

9:43 PM IST | Right then, 160 is what the Royals finish with. Quite disappointing as they were 50 odd at the end of 7 overs. Rahane will feel he’s about 15-20 short on a pitch that’s tailor-made for batting, with virtually no-spin and the odd ball keeping low at times. Karthik and Co. should feel pretty confident of chasing this down. all the bowlers did a really good job as they kept chipping in with wickets after the opening stand of 54. Royals scored 112 runs for 8 wickets in the 14 overs after the powerplay. 

FACT: Narine finished with 4 overs 48 runs and this is his most expensive figures in the IPL> Kept his length short today and got hit for runs after Rahane hit him for 4 fours in the first over. 

9:40 PM IST | 160/8, 20 overs; Buttler- 24, Unadkat- 0 

A very lengthy over from Mavi. 3 wides as Royals add 9 runs to their score and finish exactly at 160. WICKET: Kulkarni run out (Shubman Gill/Shivam Mavi) 3(3) In order to keep Buttler on the strike for the last ball, Kulkarni sacrifices his wicket. 

9:23 PM IST | 151/7, 19 overs; Buttler- 19, Kulkarni- 2

The over had anything. 2 wickets off two balls, a no-ball, a mis-timed free hit and a last ball 4 as RR cross the par score of 150. Buttler is the key here as Mavi will bowl the final over. 160-165 will be a good score here to defend. 

9:26 PM IST | WICKETT! Curran gets 2-in-2! All too easy for Curran as he bowls out Gopal. Both Karnataka men gone in consecutive balls. He takes off his aeroplane and Johnson is seen clapping from the dugout. Pacy length delivery, on off, Shreyas Gopal was late on the defence and it knocked the stump out of the ground. Played a bit inside the line and had no footwork to deal with that sharp delivery. Shreyas Gopal b Tom Curran 0(1)

9:25 PM IST | WICKET! Gowtham departs! Back of the hand slower delivery, Tom Curran bowls that well. He is so confident with that delivery that he regularly and surprisingly bowled it in the Ashes Test. To not great effect it must be said. But here he gets Gowtham slicing it off a thick outside edge and grabs a wicket. Gowtham c Shivam Mavi b Tom Curran 12(7) [6s-1]

9:23 PM IST | 141/5, 18 overs; Buttler- 12, Gowtham- 12

Not Narine’s day today! Definitely not with the ball though. Gowtham lofted it superbly after using his feet. Had enough to get it over the left-hand of the diving fielder

9:20 PM IST | 127/5, 17 overs; Buttler- 7, Gowtham- 3

A wicket off the first ball, the important one of Stokes, and then rounds up the over with just 5 runs. chawla finishes with figures of 1-18 off his four overs. He’s been excellent tonight. All eyes now on buttler as he holds the guard for RR. 

9:17 PM IST | OUT! Stokes Departs as Chawla strikes! Chawla has bowled very well tonight and gets the dangerous Stokes out. To the left-hander, he has been bowling mainly googlies and this one is the same as well. Stokes was charging Chawla and it kept on going away from him. Sliced it high up in the air and Rana backtracking from cover takes a good catch. Not easy to judge that in the lights. Stokes c Nitish Rana b Chawla 14(11) [6s-1]

9:16 PM IST | 122/4, 16 overs; Buttler- 5, Stokes- 14

Stokes has arrived! A mighty fine shot, straight outta the middle of the bat as he sends a tossed up delivery, a chinaman, from Kuldeep downtown. Kneels down and then slogs it miles back into the long-on stands. That’s what Stokes can do. 10 off the over. 

9:13 PM IST | 112/4, 15 overs; Buttler- 3, Stokes- 6

Just 6 from Narine’s third over. A good one that as two new batsmen at the crease with just 5 overs left. Last recognised batsmen at the crease for Rajasthan.  the ball’s keeping low at times and surely it was a good toss to win. 

9:11 PM IST | RR: 106/4, 14 overs; Buttler-0, Stokes- 3

9:07 PM IST | WICKETTTT! Tripathi departs! Soft-dismissal this but a good catch from Andre Russell at short cover. Leapt at the right time to catch. KKR chipping in with wickets at just the right time.  Tripathi c A Russell b Kuldeep Yadav 15(11) [4s-2] jos Butller comes in and joins Stokes in the middle. 

9:04 PM IST | RR: 99/3, 13 overs; Tripathi- 8, Stokes- 1

9:03 PM IST | Nitish Rana is doing for Karthik in this IPL, what Yuvraj Singh did for Dhoni in the World Cup of 2011. Picks up important wickets of the opposition and then scores heavily with the bat. oh, Mumbai! You’ve let go off a gem! 

Ben Stokes comes in as Rajasthan opt for the break. 

8:59 PM IST | WICKETTTT! Call it a commentators curse or the golden arm of Nitish Rana. Short is bowled over as he departs for 44. RR in all s(h)orts of trouble. A fist pump from Nitish Rana. Bowled the slider and it rushed past the cross-batted hoick of D Arcy Short. Clipped off and credit to DK for getting Nitish Rana back on. The bowler has justified that move with another wicket. D Arcy Short b Nitish Rana 44(43) [4s-5 6s-1]

 8:57 PM IST | RR: 95/2, 12 overs; Tripathi- 8, Short- 43

This was the over Dárcy was waiting for. Mavi bowls with pace at about 140kmph and he tears him apart. First, backs away and Shivam Mavi follows him with a back of a length delivery, but D Arcy Short clobbers the pull miles into the deep square stands. At one point looked like clearing the crowd and going out of the stadium. Then, used the pace of Shivam Mavi to full effect. Watched the back of a length delivery onto his bat and steered it to the right of the diving backward point, beats him and gives the third man no chance. 14 off the over as all of a sudden Short looks in complete control. surely this has to be the innings where we finall see the Short of BBL last year. 

 8:51 PM IST | RR: 81/2, 11 overs; Tripathi- 7, Short- 30

Narine comes and bowls his second over. But proves expensive again. Two boundaries in the over, one each from Tripathi and Short as RR collect 10. The partnership has started to flourish and is the key for RR setting a big total. Narine looks a bit exhausted as he’s bowled a lot of short-of-length and erred in length a few times. 

8:50 PM IST | RR: 71/2, 10 overs; Tripathi- 2, Short- 25

It was a good over until the final ball was bowled. 9 off it as Short collects a boundary on the 6th delivery. Sliding down leg and D Arcy Short didn’t miss out. The short-fine fielder was inside the ring and deep square back, he beat the latter with a beautiful flick off the hips. That should hopefully get him going. 

8:42 PM IST | RR: 62/2, 9 overs; Tripathi- 0, Short- 18

An excellent over from Mavi. After being hit for a four comes back superbly and picks out the danger-man. In comes, Rahul Tripathi as Tom Curran begins to bowl the 10th over. The onus is now on short, as he’s set and should continue till the now. Not a very experienced middle-order coming up. 

8:39 PM IST | WICKET! Danger-man Samson is gone! The youngster, Shivam Mavi picks his man, and this is a huge blow for Rajasthan. As soon as he hit that, Samson knew he had made a mistake. Good short of length delivery on the hips, rising, Samson cannot keep the short-arm jab pull down and picks out deep square to perfection. Kuldeep didn’t move a muscle there. Samson c Kuldeep Yadav b Shivam Mavi 7(8) [4s-1]

8:36 PM IST | RR: 58/1, 8 overs; Samson-3, Short- 18

Kuldeep Yadav comes to bowl his second over and gives away just three singles. The important thing for RR is that these two batsmen now regroup and take control of the game. Get in and make it count!

8:29 PM IST | RR: 55/1, 7 overs; Samson-1, Short- 17

WICKETTT! Rahane is gone! And once again, its that man – Nitish Rana. This time, however, all credit goes to Karthik. Was down the track looking to flick, ricocheted off the pad and went in front of DK who calmly collects the ball and then back-flicks to hit direct. One glove was off quickly and that made it easier for DK.Rahane doesn’t even attempt to dive back in. Huge huge blow for Rajasthan. 7 off the over and a boundary but more importantly, the wicket of skipper Rahane. 

But good news is that in-form Sanju Samson arrives at the crease.  Rahane run out (Karthik) 36(19) [4s-5 6s-1]

8:23 PM IST | RR: 48/0, 6 overs; Rahane – 35, Short- 12

End of the powerplay and a good one for RR as they get off to a seriously good start, not losing any wicket. Chawla bowled his third over and Rahane collects a boundary as 8 came off it. Meanwhile, Karthik calls for a time-out as KKR desperately need one. Rahane and Short are looking good out there and should continue to hold fort for RR. 

8:20 PM IST | RR: 40/0, 5 overs; Rahane – 29, Short- 10

Youngster Shivam Mavi is introduced and Rahane slaps him for a six coming down the track and flat-batted the short of length delivery straight back over the bowler’s head. Had enough on it to go all the way. Short then smashes a four, his first, as he chips it mid-offs head. 13 off the over. 

8:16 PM IST | RR: 27/0, 4 overs; Rahane – 22, Short- 4

Narine is brought into the attack and Rahane greets him with a sweep through backward square for four. He doesn’t stop here and hits three more as Narine leaks 18 in his first over. So the pressure that was building, Rahane has eased that out. Fact: In his last match, Sunil Narine gave just 18 in his three overs, equal to what he’s given here in the first one. 

8:11 PM IST | RR: 9/0, 3 overs; Rahane – 5, Short- 3

An excellent over from Chawla. Just the two singles from it. The pressure is visible on the two batsmen as its 18 balls and still no boundary for Rajasthan. The over saw an attempted reverse flick from Rahane and then three play-and-a-miss in the last three balls from Short. 

8:07 PM IST | RR: 7/0, 2 overs; Rahane – 4, Short- 2

So its gonna be spin from both ends as Karthik hands the ball to Kuldeep Yadav. An attempted sweep off the first ball from Rahane, only for a single though. Kuldeep and the others went up for a stifled appeal on the third ball, but that died down quickly too as an inside edge was spotted. A half appeal and a leg-bye to finish the over. A good one from Kuldeep. Just three again. 

8:04 PM IST | RR: 3/0, 1 over; Rahane – 2, Short- 1

Rajasthan are underway as Rahane takes a single off the first ball. Short follows suit as he too gets ooff the mark on the fourth ball. Early signs of the odd-ball keeping low as the fifth ball just skidded off the pitch and went really down. A flick of the last ball as three runs from the first over from Chawla. 

7:59 PM IST | The umpires are out in the field. So are the two Rajasthan batsmen: Ajinkya Rahane and D’Arcy Short have come out in the middle. A lot of pressure will be on Rahane’s partner as he’s running out of opportunities. And straightaway, spin to start of the proceedings: Piyush Chawla bowls the first ball of the match. 


Rajasthan Royals (Playing XI): Ajinkya Rahane(c), D Arcy Short, Sanju Samson(w),  Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler, Rahul Tripathi, Krishnappa Gowtham, Shreyas Gopal, Dhawal Kulkarni, Jaydev Unadkat, Ben Laughlin

Kolkata Knight Riders (Playing XI): Chris Lynn, Sunil Narine, Robin Uthappa, Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik(w/c), Andre Russell, Shubman Gill, Tom Curran, Piyush Chawla, Shivam Mavi, Kuldeep Yadav

7:30 PM IST | TOSS: Karthik has won the toss, and KKR opted to bowl first

Both the sides are fielding the same teams from their last encounters. 


“It looks like a beautiful surface. If you look closely under the tinge of grass it is a little bit dry but it is rock hard. So it will not have any impact for spin. The ball will come on to the bat nicely and it is a fantastic strip for batting. The weather is quite clear and both teams will enjoy that. Rajasthan Royals have an unbelievable record at home, having won close to 70% of their matches here.” – Michael Clarke

7.10 PM IST | From Sanju Samson to Sunil Narine, here are five players to watch out for in today’s encounter between RR and KKR in Jaipur. These players are key to their franchises’ chances in this year’s campaign.  READ HERE: IPL 2018 Rajasthan Royals vs Kolkata Knight Riders: 5 players to watch out for

WHAT TO EXPECT: The first game here was heavily interrupted by rain but the forecast for this game reads better with zero chances of precipitation in the day and a cooler and less humid evening.

HEAD TO HEAD: Overall: RR 9-6 KKR

At Jaipur, RR 3-1 KKR


Rajasthan Royals: D’Arcy Short is running out of opportunities, with scores of 4, 6 and 11 so far. Heinrich Klaasen, the South African batsman will be itching to get out there and replicate the performances that he delivered against India in the ODI’s last month. But Short’s left-arm wrist spin capabilities will probably ensure that he gets to play this match, as the Sawai Mansingh stadium has really huge boundaries.

Probable XI: Ajinkya Rahane (c), D’Arcy Short, Sanju Samson, Ben Stokes, Rahul Tripathi, Jos Buttler (wk), Krishnappa Gowtham, Ben Laughlin, Shreyas Gopal, Dhawal Kulkarni, Jaydev Unadkat

Kolkata Knight Riders: They’re unlikely to tinker with a team that has managed to win convincingly in their previous outing. However, Russell’s fitness over his hammie will be a concern though. 

Probable XI: Sunil Narine, Chris Lynn, Robin Uthappa, Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik (c), Shubman Gill, Andre Russell, Shivam Mavi, Piyush Chawla, Tom Curran, Kuldeep Yadav