Wednesday, November 29, 2023

An Insight of incredible life of VDJ Shaan

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Making people dance to your music rhythms is more than a hobby; it requires a great deal of ability. DJs or VDJs are persons who can do this and have the skills to produce each piece of music in their own distinctive style. VDJ Shaan is one of those persons that can get people to dance to his music. He has carved out a niche for himself in the market with his tunes that instantly lift the tone and mood of a venue.

Everyone has their own path to success, so had Shaan. Like every other artist in the industry, he too worked hard to get to where he is now. His path, too, had its roadblocks, he started off performing in clubs and lounges all across the country.

VDJ Shaan aka Mohammed Nabi Mansoor was born on October 2, 1992. The artist has done his schooling from St. Annes School, Mysore. Further, he has done Polytechnic from Mysore University and afterward studied Bachelor in Engineering from Mangalore University for the period of 2 years which he continued from Mumbai Dadar University later. He is India’s first VDJ who is making sensations in the music industry with his talent and knack for music. With his immense love and passion for music, the VDJ has made his place in the Top 100 DJ Loofre awards. The VDJ is proficient in various languages including Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, and Kannada.

VDJ Shaan is a big foodie and loves to cook from his own experiences. Apart from cooking and VDJing the artist is also fond of playing cricket and has played cricket from Karnataka University. Being from an army family, my interest in music began when I saw my father, who had a DVD business, record videos on cassettes. This sparked a deeper love for music in me and I decided to further build my career in the music industry as a VDJ. Previously, VDJ Shaan has composed music and shown videos on LED screens at clubs, parties, and other events. The artist is making a revolutionary shift in the VDjing industry with his appreciable vision of educating VDJing in India.

Turning his dream into a reality, VDJ Shaan has unquestionably progressed. He has performed at various events in India and Globally. Along with this, he has worked with a number of well-known DJs from around the world for various events and concerts. Due to his commendable work, he has emerged as one of the best VDJ in India.As the situation has started getting normal, VDJ Shaan is back to set the stage on fire with his smashing remixes. Apart from making music for the parties, he has lots of projects in his pipeline, and for sure, he is going to create music that every person would enjoy. And, in the future, he is going to offer the industry some reminiscing music of its time as he has a vast audience waiting for his songs eagerly.

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