Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Angelo D’acunto and his bid with life

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“If you were born poor, it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor, it’s your mistake.” – Bill Gates.

To rise like a phoenix from the ashes of childhood trauma, one needs determination. But to heal from the trauma, going ahead and growing ahead requires courage. And that is how Angelo D’acunto has made life worth living. From working as a security guard in a hospital for almost a decade to being the best sales closer and coach in France, he had come a long way, fighting against all odds and working on himself before he worked for others.

Speaking of how he was inspired to change his living conditions for the better, D’acunto speaks about the “why” power of his decisions. He comments, “Because life is so challenging, and I had the feeling that all my tears during my childhood were just a test of the future. I was just a family dad dreaming for a better life for his family, and after dreaming, I took action.”

And so he did. After his wife took the last 50 euros to buy their 1-year-old daughter a coat, he closed a 42K coaching program two hours later with a commission of 5.2K Euros. No, it wasn’t dumb luck. It was the first fruit of his hard work, perseverance, and patience. Losing his parents to drug abuse and jail, D’acunto grew up “lonely in the head,” as he calls it. Hence, he works for a devoted wife and his children, who have stood with him through thick and thin, waving the loneliness away.

With a stellar portfolio and intense drive to know and do more, Angelo D’acunto dreams of closing sales in other languages apart from only French, inspired by one of his role models Marco Cortesi. “No one will listen to my message if I keep it for myself,” he states. And perhaps due to this manifested gusto, Angelo acquired all that he had whispered to the universe once.

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