Anti Minority Pak-army Unmasked: Army backed death squads kill Baloch woman in front of her children

16 June, 2020 | newsx bureau

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The woman was killed in front of her family members last Sunday. Balochistan political activists suspect a foul play by Pakistani army.

A Baloch woman, identified as Kulsoom Baloch, was killed by robbers at her home in Dazen, Tump on Sunday night, Baloch political activists alleged. According to sources, her throat was slit in front of her children. The family members of the victim posted on social media that after the inhuman killing of Kulsoom, her children are still in grave shock and they are still unconscious.

The Baloch political and social media activists believe that these incidents are not just simple cases of robberies but pre-planned attacks by state-backed ‘death squads’ to send a message to Baloch political activists if they are out of the reach of the state, they can attack their families.

Baloch Journalist Sohaib Baloch tweeted, “Is there more to just robbery in the incidents of Dannuk and Dazin? It seems death squads are being used to give a message to the Baloch activists that their families can be targeted too and the state will get away with the brutality by just calling it a robbery?”

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Similarly, representative of Baloch Republican Party to the UNHRC, Abdul Bugti tweeted, “It is a clear message that they can target the families using ‘non-state actors’ or more appropriately called death squads. It is also a threat to the female activists since they are the ones at the forefront now after the men have been systematically targeted and removed from the surface.”

Talking to ANI, president of Baloch National Movement (United Kingdom Zone), Hakeem Baloch said, “These incident of robberies are not so simple and these are not just thugs or junkies jumping into the houses of Baloch people and killing women and injuring children. These are calculated act of state oppression against the Baloch.
“The Pakistani state, with the last night incident, has sent a message to the Baloch and to those people who are protesting and demanding justice for Bramsh, that this is the only justice Baloch can get under Pakistani occupation,” Hakeem Baloch said.

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Hakeem Baloch also said the robbers not just killed a woman, but it was a brutal act. “We have reports that the so-called robbers, the members of death squads, have cut both her ears and slit her throat and took all the valuables.”
“The incident of Dazan is a continuity of Pakistani war crimes in Balochistan. We have been telling the world that the Pakistani state is using collective punishment as part of their counter-insurgency strategy. We hope soon the world seriously stand with the people of Balochistan in their struggle against oppression and for their freedom”, Hakeem Baloch.

A spokesperson for the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) Special Task Force Turbat, Makran strongly condemned the incident in Dazan, Tump. It is to be noted that is the second incident of killing of a woman in District Kech.
Previously, a Baloch woman named Maliknaz had been shot dead at her home and her four-year-old daughter Bramsh injured on May 26. Since then, the people of Balochistan are protesting in and outside Balochistan against that barbaric act.

Baloch political activists living in Europe and other parts of the world have also organised protests against rising incidents of crimes against women in Balochistan. They allege Pakistan army and spy agencies, the ISI and MI, for supporting these armed criminals against the Baloch.

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