AquaKraft announces its 1st Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) Initiative

23 November, 2020 | Ojasvi Chauhan

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AquaKraft Projects Pvt. Ltd., announced its 1st Individual Social Responsibility program at the launch of its next-generation School Drinking Water Systems, School Bio Toilets& Community Toilets sp...

Mumbai – November 22, 2020: AquaKraft Projects Pvt. Ltd., announced its 1st Individual Social Responsibility program at the launch of its next-generation School Drinking Water Systems, School Bio Toilets& Community Toilets sponsored under the auspices & benevolence of Dr. Mrudul Girish Gokhale at Harihareshwar, Raigad district, Maharashtra.

Dr.Mrudul Girish Gokhale, an accomplished finance professional is a qualified CA with  a doctorate in risk management in general & BASEL II in particular with over 3 decades of rich experience in Banking & Financial services. She has been associated with Harihareshwar for over 25 years and was aware of the problems of drinking water & sanitation in Harihareshwar village, particularly in the school when she decided to address the same. AquaKraft was introduced to her by a well-wisher Shri PurveshShelatkar and all of them together conceptualized a green and sustainable solution to address the problem in concert with the local community & authorities. The same was funded by Dr. Mrudul Gokhale under her individual capacity making it AquaKraft’s 1st program funded under Individual Social Responsibility.

The entire program was implemented by AquaKraft in February 2020 with drinking water systems & bio toilets at the Harihareshwar Madhyamik Vidyalaya & Community Bio Toilet at the famous Shree Dev Harihareshwar Mandir.This intervention, a roll out of AquaKraft 2.0 is a result ofAquaKraft’s 10 years of continuous R&D, on ground experience across over 2000 villages and a representative of Precision Engineering, Innovative Design, GreenTechnology & Sustainability. This was strongly vindicated by the fact that it stood tall & unaffected from the severe brunt that was caused by the Nisarga cyclone. AquaKraft is the Program Implementation Partner of UN Global Compact Network India for UN SDG 6 and the above interventions are aligned to UN SDGs.

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This unique program was launched at the hands of Hon’ble Aditi Tatkare ji, Minister of State for Tourism, Industries, Horticulture, Protocol, Law & Judiciary, Sports & Youth Welfare, Information & Public Relations, Government of Maharashtra and Guardian Minister of Raigad district. Speaking on the occasion she said “It is very heartening to see people like Dr Mrudul Gokhale come forward and do such benevolent initiatives by not just funding it but applying her rich expertise in risk management and identifying a hedged and sustainable solution to the problem. My congratulation to Dr. Subramanya Kusnur, Founder of AquaKraft and team to have innovated such water positive & sustainable solutions to address issues plaguing water & sanitation. This project sets a benchmark of sorts right from its genesis, benevolence of an individual, withstanding the nature’s brunt and cutting-edge technology. This is very beneficial from a Tourism standpoint as it is the endevaor of our Maha Vikas AghadiGovernment to provide clean drinking water & toilets for the tourists and particularly here for pilgrims visiting the Harihareshwar Temple. I am very happy that this initiative has been launched immediately after our Government decided to open the temples for pilgrims, which strongly vindicates our commitment towards safety of the public at large”

The launch was attended by Shri Waman Narayan Bodas, Chairman of the Shree Dev Harihareshwar Mandir &Harihareshwar Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Shri PurveshShelatkar – Senior Advisor, AquaKraft, Shri C Sridhar – Director, AquaKraft, “SwachhShree” Dr. Subramanya Kusnur – Founder, AquaKraft , Shri Amit Khot – Sarpanch, Shri Darshan Vichare – NCP Taluka President, Shri Mangesh Daphale – CEO Grameen Foundation amongst other dignitaries from the village & local administration.

“I am very grateful to Hon’ble Aditi Tatkare ji for sparing time from her busy schedule and dedicating this initiative to the people of Harihareshwar. Water & Sanitation are basic needs and are often matter of conflict due to inaccessibility. I have been seeing the challenges faced at the school and also at the temple with so many pilgrims flocking it and decided to do something on my own. I am grateful to Shri PurveshShelatkar who introduced me to AquaKraft and together we could make it happen. I wish to commend the commitment & passion of Dr.SubramanyaKusnur& Shri Sridhar of AquaKraft for their unstinted support alongwith active participation leading to the Raigad Model. It will be my personal endeavor extrapolate this across the nation with advocacy and awareness” said Dr. Mrudul Girish Gokhale

“We are privileged to have Hon’ble Aditi Tatkare ji do the honors today and are extremely grateful to her for the same. Also take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to the progressive vision, inspiration& benevolence of Dr.Mrudul Gokhale. AquaKraft has been advocating sustainability right since its inception in 2010. This particular intervention has vindicated the same and further reiterated our commitment to innovate more towards sustainable solutions. To this effect, the entire intervention will be handed over to the School & Temple authorities as Public Convenience Infrastructure who will be responsible for day to day operations & maintenance.” Added C Sridhar, Director – Enterprise Governance, AquaKraft.