Thursday, November 30, 2023

Asia Cup 2022: Clashes erupt between fans of Afghanistan, Pakistan

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After Pakistan won the cricket match in the current Asia Cup 2022 in Sharjah on Wednesday, there have been reports of clashes between their supporters and those of Afghanistan.

Afghans’ issues with Pakistan, according to Mohsin Dawar, a member of the National Assembly from North Waziristan in Pakistan, are caused by Pakistan’s long-standing “strategic depth strategy” and “interventionist escapades in Afghanistan.” The use of a cricket match as an “excuse” to direct “racist invective” on Afghanistan supporters, according to Dawar, is “shameless.”

“It is the height of shamelessness to use a cricket match as a pretext to insult Afghans in a racist manner. Afghans have a problem with Pakistan because of its decades-old strategic depth strategy and its interventionist escapades there. Think before you insult Afghans “Dawar, who is also the head of the foreign affairs committee, tweeted.

The Cricket Stadium allegedly began to suffer damage from the Afghan fans.

According to reports, angry Afghan fans attacked Pakistani supporters at the stadium because they were unable to contain their emotions.

People’s support for the sides became polarised shortly after social media users began sharing videos of the violence.
When Afghan fans “beat” Pakistani fans, a Pakistani journalist named Hamza Azhar Salam questioned whether Sharjah Police would identify them. Salam shared a video of the altercation.

All the changes occurred after Pakistan batsman Naseem Shah hit two consecutive sixes in the first two balls of the final over, undoing some outstanding bowling by Afghanistan earlier in the innings, giving Pakistan a one-wicket victory in a thrilling Super Four match on Wednesday at the ongoing Asia Cup 2022.
After posting just 129/6 on the board, Afghanistan was instructed to leave. They almost led their team to victory, but Naseem’s two sixes in the last over ensured Pakistan’s victory.

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