Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Indian Army, Assam Rifles ensure protection on national highway in violence-hit Manipur

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Officials added that as the status of necessary supplies in violence-torn Manipur began to deplete and reach critical levels, the India Army and Assam Rifles have been operating in close coordination with maximum synergy to ensure the safety of vehicles carrying crucial items to and from Imphal.

To that end, the Army and Assam Rifles, in collaboration with the state administration, Manipur Police, and CAPFs, have been working in close coordination and synergy to ensure vehicular protection on NH 37, “The Lifeline of Manipur”.

“At any given point of time while the movement of vehicles is being undertaken prophylactic Area Domination Patrols of Army and Assam Rifles, Quick Reaction Teams operating from Company Operating Bases located astride NH 37, aerial surveillance by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Cheetah Helicopters, Companies of CRPF, Manipur Police personnel from five police stations along with persons from India Reserve Battalion are tasked to ensure security of civilian vehicles plying on NH 37,” the Indian Army stated.

As reported by Indian Army, the vehicular movement on NH 37 began on May 15, which was a result of extensive planning and coordination on ground zero. “Security Forces remain committed to restoring complete normalcy and the commencement of movement of the vehicles on NH 37 is another step towards normalcy in Manipur,” the Indian Army officials said.

Indian Army and Assam Rifles ensuring transportation of essential supplies

On May 18, the Indian Army and Assam Rifles intervened to defend motor vehicles transporting crucial cargo to and from Imphal, according to Indian Army officials. The Army stated that a convoy of 28 vehicles including JCB, rice, sugar, pulses, and fuel went from Noney to Imphal under the protection of CRPF and Manipur Police.

Monitoring was also guaranteed by unmanned aerial vehicles, according to officials. “Together for Peace in #Manipur” Movement of vehicles on NH 37 commenced from 15 May. The same ensured beefing up of essential supplies, levels of which were gradually dwindling. #IndianArmy and #AssamRifles are committed to safely move through troops on ground & aerial surveillance,” the Indian Army’s SpearCorps tweeted.

Normal life is slowly returning to tracks in Manipur after violence killed 70 people and destroyed 1,700 homes.

According to the most recent data, over 71 people were killed, over 230 were injured, and approximately 1700 dwellings were destroyed during the unrest in Manipur.

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