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Waseem Amrohi continues to give back to society during Covid-19 crisis

Waseem Amrohi is not just an ordinary name, his enthralling realm of work in digital & movie marketing industry makes him extraordinary! Apart from that ,Waseem Amrohi is also known for his incredible social endeavours and his empathetic attitude coupled....Read More

‘Role Of New Age Global Universities’: Dr. Y.S.R Murthy, Vice-Chancellor, RV University on NewsX

Dr. YSR Murthy, Vice-Chancellor, RV University joined NewsX for an insightful session on ‘Role Of New Age Global Universities’. In the exclusive conversation, he spoke to us about the inception of RV University, various amenities on the campus, what makes....Read More


Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the most leading cause of preventable deaths in India. It can occur to any person rich or poor, anywhere, even without any pre-existing cardiac diseases. Many important dignitaries of the Nation have succumbed sudden Cardiac Arrest.....Read More

BJP-ruled MCD is bringing a scheme to loot Rs. 1,000 cr. in the Standing Committee today: Vikas Goyal

Aam Aadmi Party’s leader of opposition in North MCD Shri Vikas Goyal stated on Tuesday that the BJP-ruled MCD is bringing a scheme to loot Rs. 1,000 cr. in the Standing Committee today. The BJP-ruled MCD proposes to pay the....Read More

BJP-ruled MCD finds a new method of corruption: Saurabh Bhardwaj

Aam Aadmi Party’s chief spokesperson Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj held an important press conference on Monday stating that the BJP-ruled MCD is set to pay a monthly rent of Rs. 18.36 lacs for trommel machines used for garbage management that can....Read More

Social Worker Chetan Thakor – The voice of community and the man of words

Someone once said, "judge politicians by action rather than promises." Chetan Thakor has led by example. From the moment he got the opportunity, he encashed it with both hands and strived for upgradation & promotion of Thakor community. The politician....Read More

I play around with illusions: David Nobo

David Nobo is a modern-day magician, illusionist, artist and content creator. His tricks leave people spell bound. David Nobo recently joined NewsX for an exclusive conversation as part of NewsX India A-List. In this exclusive conversation, he talked about his....Read More

People commenting on Internet need to be kinder: Suhaani Shah

Suhaani Shah is disrupting and redefining the magic space in India with an ability to read minds with remarkable accuracy. The magician recently joined NewsX for an exclusive conversation as part of NewsX Influencer A-List and shared art of mentalism,....Read More

Bhagwant Mann moves adjournment motion for fifth time, seeks discussion for repeal of farm laws

In support of the ongoing farmers’ movement, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab state presideMP Bhagwant Mann on Monday moved an adjournment mnt andotion for the fifth time in Parliament, seeking repeal of the three black farm laws. Bhagwant Mann....Read More

China’s Kaiyuan temple now a Heritage site: Will Xi acknowledge links to Hinduism & Tamil Nadu?

On Sunday, the UNESCO World Heritage list included about 22 sites, including a temple connecting Hinduism in the South eastern Chinese city Quanzhou. The new list of “Quanzhou Emporium of the world in song-yuan China” by the world’s top cultural organisation....Read More

Meet Arpitaa Bansal: A New Voice In Punjabi Music Industry Ready To Captivate The Soul & Rock The Floors With Her Upcoming Song “Sufna Viyah Da”

Well-Known singer Arpitaa Bansal after impressing the fans with the song “Ranjha” is now ready with another soulful composition “Sufna Viyah Da”. The singer has released the first look poster of the song on her social media handle. Arpitaa Bansal....Read More

Meet Actress Aadhya Anand: Her Incredible Performance in Bombay Begums Wins Million Hearts!

Bollywood always welcomes new talent. For many, it is a fascination, but for few creative minds, it is a place to showcase your hidden talent & creativity. The OTT platform is gaining lots of popularity these days. Gone are the....Read More

The Pros And Cons Of Mobile Online Casinos

In the past, casinos were only accessible in person and you’d need to visit the local casino during its opening hours if you wanted to enjoy your favourite games. However, things have certainly changed in recent years and online casinos....Read More

Navjot Singh Sidhu must apologise for humiliating ‘annadatas’: Kultar Singh Sandhwan

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab on Saturday took stern notice of the remarks made by the newly appointed president of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, Navjot Sidhu during his coronation celebrations quoting the farmers that ‘thirsty has to walk....Read More

Dozens of leaders leaving Congress, Akali Dal and LIP join AAP, with hundreds of associates

Several leaders of the Congress Party, Akali Dal and Lok Insaf Party (LIP) from Patiala, Mohali, Gurdaspur and Jalandhar districts of Punjab along with many social activists joined the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Saturday along with hundreds of their....Read More

What are the eligibility requirements to migrate to the UK?

A European Union referendum held on June 23, 2016, had the people of the UK voting to leave the EU. Consequently, the UK exited the EU on January 31, 2021. The UK implemented a new points-based immigration system, aiming at....Read More

“I carry my inspiration in these tattoos!” says Fashion Influencer Vishal Prajapati

Vishal Prajapati started his journey in 2015 and now with over 760k followers on Instagram, he is one of the youngest, most impactful Influencers having worked with many fashion, luxury and styling brands. More than that, Vishal is a thoughtful....Read More

Capitalism is no more- The Cardinal Principals of Economics to change by H.R. Economic Model

Now India can expect 15 trillion dollar GDP 2026 with 10 crore new  employment opportunities. New Delhi – It’s really surprisingly for mankind that the entire cardinal principal of Economics has been challenged by Human Resource Economic Model ( next....Read More

Nutrabox Is Best Whey Protein Powder In India: Labdoor Report Suggests

Difficult times need big measures! As people are becoming more health-conscious and finding a genuine source of immunity, coming out of news from Labdoor is a big comfort. Want to hear the big news regarding whey protein powder? Well, how....Read More

Punjab Congress wants to create atmosphere of terror before elections like BJP: Harpal Singh Cheema

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) senior leader and Leader of Opposition (LoP) Harpal Singh Cheema said that the Congress, like the BJP, was creating fear among the people during the elections and using Pakistan-Khalistan as a weapon. But this time....Read More

No bigger certificate than the public’s faith and confidence in their leaders: Arvind Kejriwal

AAP National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal on Friday inaugurated the country’s first ISO 9001 certified AAP MLA office in the Timarpur constituency helmed by MLA Dilip Pandey. Shri Kejriwal dedicated the office to the public and....Read More

Democracy teaches tolerance, Modi’s intolerance stance maligning image of country: Meet Hayer

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Friday strongly condemned the income tax raids on media outlets, stating that the Narendra Modi-led central government was making every effort to stifle the voice of the people. In a joint statement issued from....Read More

BJP’s MCD is evicting shopkeepers who held a 99 year long lease: Saurabh Bhardwaj

Aam Aadmi Party’s Chief Spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj held a crucial press conference on Friday to inform the media that the BJP-ruled MCD will be demolishing the MCD Market in the famous Gaffar Market area to reconstruct the complex and then....Read More

Until black laws are repealed, we will raise our voices in favor of ‘annadatas’: AAP

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab on Friday protested against BJP leader and Union Minister Meenakshi Lekhi for using derogatory language for the farmers, who had been fighting against the three black farm laws and burnt her effigies across the....Read More

Sidhu officially becomes PCC chief after swearing-in at Punjab Bhawan

Though there was a tussle between the two, Sidhu met Singh at Punjab Bhawan. A Congressman who witnessed their interaction said that it was “cordial”. On Thursday, Sidhu had written a letter to Captain Amrinder Singh 'to come and bless....Read More

How does underlying Cirrhosis influence Covid-19?

Chronic liver diseases are common worldwide, especially in developing countries. The rapid spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)/(COVID-19) leads to the infection of many patients with underlying chronic liver diseases. To discuss about the same, we interviewed....Read More

Giloy – Benefits and afflictions

A year and a half has passed since the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe. While there seemed no possible cure for the disease and researchers intensified their search for an effective treatment and vaccine, many clinical trials were happening around the world and herbs emerged as....Read More

Unusual Large And Multiple Liver Abscesses in Patient Recovered From COVID-19

During the second wave of the COVID-19, in April-May 2021, a number of COVID-19 patients presented with some unusual manifestations. We saw for the first time in last two months unusually large and multiple liver abscesses in fourteen patients after....Read More

It is shameful that the BJP-ruled MCD will not give mid-day meal ration to poor man’s children who failed to attend online classes: Durgesh Pathak

Senior AAP leader and MCD in-charge Shri Durgesh Pathak stated on Wednesday that the BJP-ruled MCD will not give ration to students who didn’t attend online classes even when the government reports say 40-45% of students are unable to take....Read More

Modi government has become merciless, neglecting those who are dying in front of their eyes: Bhagwant Mann

Chandigarh, July 21 Lashing out at the Narendra Modi-led central government for neglecting the deaths of the farmers during their ongoing struggle, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab president and Member of Parliament, Bhagwant Mann said that hundreds of farmers....Read More

In the last 5 years, BJP appointed 3 “zero-work ministers” as the CM of Uttarakhand: Manish Sisodia

New Delhi/Roorkee: Deputy Chief Minister and senior AAP leader Shri Manish Sisodia questioned the people of Uttarakhand through a press conference in Roorkee on Thursday, asking whether the people of Uttarakhand want to choose the corrupt government of the Bharatiya....Read More

I always try to take up relatable projects: Varun Sharma, Actor

Actor Varun Sharma recently joined NewsX for an exclusive conversation as part of its special series NewsX India A-List. In the exclusive conversation, the actor spoke to us about his new show 'Chutzpah', his working style, how he deals with....Read More

Whatever happens, happens for good: Padma Shri Kailash Kher

Kailash Kher recently joined NewsX for a candid and musical chat as a part of its special series, NewsX India A-List, wherein he got recognised for excellence as an Indian Entertainment Icon. In the exclusive chat, the prolific singer spoke....Read More

The idea behind Damroo is to support independent music: Ram Mishra

Ram Mishra, Founder & CEO, Damroo, recently spoke to NewsX as a part of its special series NewsX India A-List. In the exclusive conversation, he spoke about his collaboration with Padma Shri singer Kailash Kher and Bharatiya Janta Party leader Dr. Sambit Patra and....Read More

I knew that if I go wrong, Bollywood won’t give me a second chance: Darasing Khurana

Actor Darasing Khurana recently joined NewsX for an exclusive chat as a part of its special series, NewsX India A-List. Khurana, who comes from a non-acting background, reflected upon his journey so far and said, “I come from a small town called Parbhani,....Read More

Fashion & lifestyle leader Sunaina Kwatra advises on changing modes of doing business in pandemic

Sunaina has proven expertise in international retail management, brand positioning, and turnaround execution. She has almost 20 years work experience, the majority of which has been leading fashion brands at the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesey (LVMH) group in Asia Pacific.....Read More

China Extends Support To Syria, Xi’s Saviour Complex On Display?

China’s interest in post-war Syria is nothing new, from Middle East to Africa; China is always seeking opportunities for expansion. Analysts and diplomats believe that though peace is starting to prevail in Syria, still it offers poor returns in coming years.....Read More

Raj Kundra Porngate Scandal: NewsX Accesses Exclusive Details

Raj Kundra, Businessman and actor Shilpa Shetty's husband, was arrested by Mumbai police on Monday over an alleged porn scam case. He has been arrested for allegedly producing and distributing porn films. NewsX accessed exclusive information on this case, as....Read More

Siddhant Issar, an enigmatic Indian actor is winning hearts of people with his acting skills

Siddhant Issar is an Indian Artist, Actor, Writer, Director, Theatre Performer and Independent Content Creator. Siddhant is the son of Film Industry veteran Puneet Issar. He comes from a renowned family of Indian film makers and famous actors. So acting....Read More

Ambrish Parajiya gives five reasons to invest in Dholera SIR

It has been at the realm of discussions for a long time now, but the recent developments in the last three months have reaffirmed the rise of a futuristic, well-planned city that will define the benchmark for tomorrow’s socio-economic and....Read More

India News launches the new prime-time show ‘Janta Ka Mukadama’

India News, the National Hindi news channel of the iTV Network has formally launched one of the most unique shows, in the history of television, namely Janta Ka Mukadama. The show will be aired from Monday to Friday at 8 pm. The....Read More

People of Uttarakhand won’t spare BJP this time: Brij Mohan Upreti

Stepping against the use of derogatory remarks made by the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party against environmentalist and Chipko Movement leader Shri Sunderlal Bahuguna, the Uttarakhand Wing of the Aam Aadmi Party protested outside the BJP Head Office in....Read More

Congress internal feud for seat bear heavily on Punjab, Punjabis and Punjabiyat: Bhagwant Mann

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab state president and Member of Parliament Bhagwant Mann while accusing the ruling Congress government said that the Congress’s internal feud for the seat alone had done a great disservice to Punjab, Punjabis and Punjabiyat....Read More

Our ultimate goal is to put out positive solution-oriented content: Abhi & Niyu

Abhiraj & Niyati, Travel influencers, who are are popularly known as Abhi & Niyu on Instagram with over 2 million followers, recently joined NewsX as part of its special series NewsX Influencer A-List.  In the exclusive conversation, they spoke to....Read More

Competition is always healthy: Madan Gowri, YouTuber & Entrepreneur

Madan Gowri, who is demystifying Issues that resonate with the youth , was recently recognised for his influence in educational content creation by NewsX on its special series NewsX Influencer A-List. In an exclusive conversation with NewsX, Madan spoke about....Read More

Actress Krutika Rachchh’s upcoming work leaves netizens in suspense

The entertainment industry is bombarded with new stars daily. A single talent is never enough to make a mark. Acting, grace, passion, skills all are requirements of this industry. So, it requires talent and hard work to reach somewhere in....Read More

Merium Pervaiz Cosmetics –an unforgettable experience

Nowadays we see that new businesses are sprouting all across the world and a major way to publicize them is social media. Recently a trend has been noticed that a lot of famous personalities have launched their own businesses in....Read More

‘Samave’ draws inspiration from architecture, more specifically Indian step wells: Ajoy Chawla

Ajoy Chawla, CEO of Titan’s Jewellery Division joined us for an exclusive interview as part of NewsX India Alist. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Titan’s Jewellery business that houses iconic brands such as Tanishq, Mia, Zoya and....Read More

‘Had to build something that could help over a million people’: Ranganath Thota

Ranganath Thota is the Founder & CEO of FuelAdream and is doing social entrepreneurship via this platform. Mr Thota in an exclusive interview with NewsX India A-list said “The objective is to try and build something that could help over....Read More

‘I definitely have an urge to get into politics finally’: Dr. Suvrokamal Dutta

Renowned political thinker and economic expert, Dr Suvrokamal Dutta joined us for an exclusive conversation as part of NewsX India Alist and talked about the tumultuous journey of his past while he is finally about to get into politics full-fledged.....Read More

Shopkeepers in bazaars have a lot of resentment for BJP-ruled MCD: Saurabh Bhardwaj

Aam Aadmi Party’s chief spokesperson Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj stated on Wednesday that the milestone of 1 lakh signatures has been reached by AAP in its ongoing signature campaign against the BJP-ruled MCD’s harsh new policies and increase in taxes. He....Read More

Vote for AAP to prevent Narendra Modi-controlled government from being formed in Punjab: Raghav Chadha

In order to prevent the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in Punjab during the 2017 Assembly elections, on the orders of Prime Minister Narendra Modi; the Akali Dal Badal and Bharatiya Janata Party workers had casted their....Read More

RAW NTR- An organization helping fellow citizens in these testing teams

These are unprecedented times. One on hand, we are witnessing the worst of nature, death, destruction, disease everywhere, and it is disproportionately affecting the already vulnerable populations and pushing them to the margins; and on the other hand, we have....Read More

‘ All we want is to share love though this film’: The Team Of Toofan

Ahead of the release of the upcoming Bollywood movie Toofan on Amazon Prime, Actors Farhan Akhtar, Mrunal Thakur, Paresh Rawal and filmmaker Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra joined NewsX for an exclusive conversation as part of NewsX India A-List. As part of....Read More

‘Be there to inspire rather than influence’: Shrima Rai

Shrima Rai is an influencer, fashion, beauty and lifestyle digital content creator. She's known on internet for redefining motherhood by showcasing the chic side of it. She is breaking all societal norms. Shrima recently joined NewsX for an exclusive conversation....Read More

A conversation with Pratik Borate on digital marketing and tips and tricks for long term growth

24 year old Pratik Borate is the founder of Black Motions and has six years of experience in video production and business operations. For the past one year, Pratik has been studying and impacting the ever growing Digital Marketing space.....Read More

People felt that my only job is to open these PR packages: Harpreet Suri, Global Mom Influencer

Harpreet Suri, Global Mom Influencer, recently joined us for a heart to heart conversation on NewsX Influencer A-List and spoke to us about her journey, the challenges she faced along the journey and what goes on behind the camera. Read....Read More

Lazaro Reinier Baluja Carbo aka Rey King, A Well-Known Influencer Talks About Health & Fitness And Why It Is Important To Spread More Awareness On The Same

Social media has conquered the age of digitalization. Be it through connection or entertainment, people are unbelievably engaged to these social media platforms. There are several debates relating to social media usage; and like every other domain, this too has....Read More

The Weaver Resource Bridge: A ray of hope for traditional weavers amid Covid-19

2020-21 was a difficult year for several families, not just around the country, but around the world. In India, it was particularly the neglected classes that faced the economic brunt of the health crisis. Majid Ahmad Mir, a 39-year-old master....Read More

Kejriwal government’s electricity model replicated by BJP government of Uttarakhand

The electricity model of the Kejriwal government of Delhi is being followed in the country and the world. Now, the Uttarakhand government has copied the Kejriwal government electricity model as well. Soon, people will be given free electricity in Uttarakhand....Read More

iTV Network acquires majority stake in The Real Kashmir News

iTV Network has acquired a majority stake in The Real Kashmir News and consolidated its presence in the Kashmir Valley. On this occasion, Kartikeya Sharma, Founder of iTV Network, said, “We are delighted to announce the acquisition of The Real....Read More

“Health is wealth”: Holistic wellness Week 2.0- Nutrition & Wellness

NewsX conducted a special series, Holistic Wellness Week 2.0- Food & Nutrition, association with US Soybean Export Council (USSEC) and Poultry Dhaba. The discussion revolved around some very important and relevant topic such as holistic health and importance of nutrition....Read More

Holistic wellness Week 2.0- Food & Nutrition: Incorporating healthy eating and nutrition in daily life

NewsX recenty held a special telecast on Holistic Wellness Week 2.0- Food & Nutrition, in association with US Soybean Export Council (USSEC) and poultry protein. The discussion revolved around some very important and relevant topics such as healthy protein rich....Read More

Dr. Rita Jairath: How this female Bodybuilder has been inspiring others to chase their dreams

A lady who has achieved it all, Dr. Rita Jairath is a revolutionary name amongst the Indian women in the athletic and bodybuilding world. Her journey from being a hardworking and diligent athlete to a successful businesswoman in Delhi, she....Read More

Luxe fashion label ‘Janya’s Closet’ emerges as the most loved kids wear brand for celebrity’s little toddlers

Celebrities have access to the best fashion boutiques and designers. Just like them, their little toddlers also ace the fashion game with appealing outfits. It is adorable to see celebrity kids donning the best fashion outfits as they depict cuteness....Read More

Want to lead as a Social Media Influencer? Nikhil Singh Sumal tells you how.

With Social Media becoming a part of our everyday lives, with more people glued to their screens, it has maximum exposure across the digital space, making it the most preferable medium for personal as well as business connections. The amazing....Read More

Parth Parmar from being a comedian to achieving the dream of a mainstream actor

The life of a performer is not a bed of roses. One has to face major upheaval to scale heights in the industry. Known for his comic antics as Amdavadi Man, Parth Parmar has come a long way from being....Read More

Kunal Devani’s love for food ended up in him owning a chain of restaurants, the most famous being ‘Waffle Affairs’

Whether you're arranging a party or an event, the food that you serve is going to be the talk of the evening, and you would never want any mishaps around this area, right? Unfortunately, many food suppliers don't take a....Read More

RJ Dixi highlights some key qualities and has some important tips for all the budding Radio Jockeys

We are living in a time where media and entertainment has proved its prowess as one of the most lucrative industries. Just like engineering and medicine, the field of media has gained tremendous momentum. Among various jobs and professions, Radio....Read More

Forming strong partnerships with Indian tech companies is the need of the hour, highlights Reza Abbaszadeh

Even if we try and speak about how the rise of technological advances have happened across industries of the world, we may not be able to fully do justice in explaining how businesses, companies and brands have grown with the....Read More

PM Modi’s Cabinet Rejig: 43 Ministers take Oath

43 leaders including Jyotiraditya Scindia, Sarbananda Sonowal, Pashupati Kumar Paras, Bhupender Yadav, Anupriya Patel, Shobha Karandlaje, Meenakshi Lekhi, Anurag Thakur are taking oath as part of Union Cabinet expansion. PM Modi announced union cabinet expansion today. Many political experts and....Read More

Most of my films get so much repeat value on television: Arjan Bajwa

Actor Arjan Bajwa recently joined NewsX  for an exclusive conversation as part of NewsX India A-List. In the exclusive conversation, the actor opened up about the challenges he faced during the pandemic and also talked his upcoming projects. Talking about how he....Read More

Memboro is a platform for the creators and by the creators: Anshul Yadav & Pragya Sikka

Anshul Yadav and Pragya Sikka, Co-Founders, Memboro, recently joined NewsX for its special segment NewsX India A-List. Recognised for their excellence in rising startup, the duo spoke about how they are helping content creators get paid for the content they....Read More

‘I am a pole dancer and people look down upon it’: Shruti Sinha on being an influencer & dancer

Shruti Sinha is a dancer, actor, social media influencer and digital content creator. With more than I.5 million followers on Instagram, she's changing norms and breaking all barriers. She recently joined NewsX for an exclusive conversation as part of NewsX....Read More

Lifestyle brand Tjori signs equity deal worth Rs 16 crores

Indian online fashion brand Tjori signs an equity deal of 16 crores with the media giant Hindustan Times. The deal signed goes beyond equity investments while also providing branding & marketing.  The establishment with Hindustan Times will help build brand....Read More

Pushkar Singh Dhami appointed as new U’Khand CM; What’s next for the state?

The Bhartiya Janata Party has appointed BJP leader Pushkar Singh Dhami has the new chief minister of Uttarakhand. He is a two-time MLA from Khatima. The BJP leader will take charge from former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat, who....Read More

Yash Tuteja, A Socialpreneur Striving Constantly To Make A Difference And Impact The Lives Of People

If a person is passionate about something then every force in the world paves a way for them to achieve their goals and fulfil their desires. A socialpreneur and the managing director of a salon as well as a coaching....Read More

Mudit Lunia is a leader in the rat race

It is rightfully said that life is a race. We live in a world where the one thing that is under a sense of constant ascent is the cut-throat competition that exists among the population. A world where change is....Read More

Lambha ward’s ex- municipal councilor Rajendra Bharwad who lived among the people and tried his best as their representative

A good counselor can understand the problems of his area better only if he is a resident of his area. Lambha ward comes in Ahmedabad district, the Ex- municipal counselor there was Shri. Rajendra Bharwad. He was born and brought....Read More

‘We are stronger together in diversity’: Music Composer Ricky Kej

Ricky Kej, internationally-recognised music composer, best known for his Grammy award winning music performances, is back with a new album, which is an ode to earth. He recently joined NewsX for an exclusive conversation as part of NewsX India A-List....Read More

‘Just be authentic and everything will fall into place’: Karunesh Talwar

Karunesh Talwar, well-known stand-up comedian, is all set to entertain the audiences with his stand-up special on Amazon Prime video. Recognised for excellence in entertainment, Karunesh recently joined NewsX for an exclusive conversation as part of NewsX India A-List series.....Read More

Whatever I was singing, I was going through in my life: Akasa, Singer

Akasa, Singer and Yash Narvekar, Singer & Music Composer recently joined us on our special series NewsX India A-List. In the exclusive interview, the singer duo spoke about their latest collaboration ‘Yaad Naa Aana’, how the song came into existence,....Read More

Top 10 + Best free QR code generators online

Since QR codes are making a huge comeback in 2021, people are getting the hang of scanning and reading information from these square-patterned codes. And because of its demand for business and personal usage, many tech enthusiasts are struggling to....Read More

From A Leading Marketing Strategist To A Successful Entrepreneur, Narsi Grewal Has Achieved It All

A person can achieve anything and everything once they conceive in their mind that they can do it. It takes just one leap of faith to climb the ladder of success and progress in life. This is how one can....Read More

Food content creation is an art worth displaying on internet: Sanjyot Keer

Sanjyot Keer is the founder of Your Food Lab, food content creator and influencer. He is a household name for recipes and his mouth-watering food videos are the rage. He envisions growing as a content creator in digital food space.....Read More

‘Being consistent is the recipe for success’: Shivesh Bhatia

A self-taught baker with unique recipes, Shivesh Bhatia talked to NewsX about his journey as a food blogger and how the field has expanded over time. When asked about the possibility of starting a shop instead of starting a channel....Read More

‘Love your job so much that money shouldn’t be a motivation at all’: Kamiya Jani

Kamiya Jani is the CEO of Curly Tales, creator, influencer, food and travel blogger. She is Influencing the digital world through one blog at a time. She is reinventing digital coverage of food and travel. She recently joined NewsX for....Read More

Delhi Chief Secy launches eco-friendly vaccination bus; Homeless, transgender and PwD beneficiaries vaccinated

The Chief secretary of Delhi, Sh Vijay Dev, has today inaugurated mobile vaccination bus of the New Delhi district administration, which is a first of the national capital. The AI-equipped bus was launched at the shelter home near Bangla Sahib....Read More

Procedure to apply for Kejriwal government’s ‘Chief Minister Covid-19 Family Financial Assistance Scheme’

The Kejriwal government has announced help for the children who lost their parents to Corona. Now soon the application process for the same will be started under the scheme, and the process will be completely online. Portal launch possible from....Read More

ISRO’s new draft policy out: Space startups to lead economy?

The department of Space and ISRO on Friday announced that as part of its newly drafted National Space Transportation Policy, India will allow domestic private companies to set and operate their own launch sites and pads. This reform will also....Read More

10 online gambling facts and statistics that you should know

Gambling comes in many different forms, from entering the National Lottery to betting on your favourite football team. While gambling can be a great deal of fun, it also comes with several downsides too. For example, gambling could reduce your....Read More

iTV Network enters into a strategic partnership with Kaydence Media Ventures

New Delhi: iTV Network and Kaydence Media Ventures (KMV) have entered into a strategic partnership to develop global media properties from Goa. Through this synergistic tie-up, GoaChronicle & Incubees brands of KMV will get a major expansion across the Print,....Read More

‘I wanted to be the face of representation and inclusivity’: Sakshi Sindwani

Sakshi Sindwani, Instagram influencer shared her journey from a science background to now being an influencer and model. "Personally I feel Instagram has a huge role to play. I was a YouTuber for a few years but that sadly didn't work....Read More

Fashionista Kevin Caicedo Mosquera opens up on the changing dynamics of fashion photography

There is a saying, change is universal. We need to go with the cycle of learning, unlearn, and relearn to survive in the present time. The same kind of changes is faced by the fashion world post the expansion of....Read More

Trending fitness influencer Shreya Jain known as ‘Styleawhileofficial’, is creating her unique niche in the industry

Believing in her passion and committedly moving ahead led her to become a known fitness influencer across social media. Of all the things that have attracted the attention of people across the world, the rise and emergence of young and....Read More

BIZGURUKUL, encourages us to e-learn and up-skill to choose offbeat careers…!

Learn out of the Box! In ancient India, Business and gurukul both were available only to the elite class. Gurukul was an education system where students (shishya) lives with the teachers (Guru) at the same place and get to learn....Read More

“It’s Important to teach kids the importance of taking care of their mental peace right from the start”: Saru Mukherjee Sharma

"While they may not understand the meaning of mental Well being or mental health, they do actually go through their own fears and anxieties, especially aggravated by the current situation, which makes it important for parents to help them deal....Read More

Exciting Journey of Nita Shilimkar from Film Industry to top-notch Content Creator

The song “Love Fever” and “Goli Maar De” are rocking the floors in the film industry and Nita Shilimkar who is the lead performer in these songs is a current sensation of town. Nita is one of the most successful....Read More

Media entrepreneur Aftab Khan foresees the future of Filmygyan as he reveals the massive plans of his company

Day after day, the digital ecosystem is evolving. With the stupendous growth of digital media and social media, it has become pretty evident for entrepreneurs to build a strong presence of their brands digitally. Aftab Khan, the pioneer behind Filmygyan....Read More

‘I have the undying passion for Indian fashion’: Masoom Minawala

A trendsetter and style icon in the digital fashion industry Masoom Minawala explains her journey in the industry. When asked about the changes in content creation for the past 10years, she said, “When I started there was no wide path.....Read More