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Patients with Hepatitis should be vaccinated for Covid on Priority basis, experts suggest

According to the World Health Organization, “Hepatitis B is a potentially life-threatening liver infection caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV). It is a major global health problem. It can cause chronic infection and puts people at high risk of....Read More

China imposes ban on India sailors, claims seafarers’ union

The All India Seafarer and General Workers Union, an Indian seafarer union, claimed that ships and other vessels with an Indian crew onboard are being barred from docking in Chinese ports, regardless of the ship's ownership or purpose. This unofficial....Read More

How nutrition can help New Mothers regain their Immunity & safeguard themselves from Covid-19

When it comes to pregnancy, people become over cautious about health, environment, mental health, etc., and being over-anxious during a pandemic is natural. Pregnant women are more vulnerable to viral infections due to modulation of the immune system leading to differential responses. Evidence has indicated that risks of SARS-CoV-2 in pregnancy....Read More

UK-India Quad Tango Against China; Joint Naval Exercise On 22 & 23 July

The UK's carrier strike force led by aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has sailed into the Indian Ocean sector and will carry out a wargame with the Indian Navy later this month in the light of growing bilateral military ties.....Read More

Meerut: Hastinapur excavations looking for ‘Mahabharata’ link

The search for the lost city of Hastinapur has been renewed after decades. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) plans to carry out excavations at the town of Hastinapur near Meerut in Western Uttar Pradesh to find evidence regarding the....Read More

POK PM warns Imran Khan against interference in upcoming elections

Raja Farooq Haider, ‘Prime Minister’ of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) has strongly warned the Pakistan government to stop their interference in the forthcoming general elections. POK Prime Minister, Raja Farooq Haider accused Imran Khan Government of destroying and violating the....Read More

EAM Jaishankar talks tough on China, India firm against China on disengagement

India’s External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar held a round of bilateral talks with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Dushanbe. The meeting was on the sidelines of the SCO Council of Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. The meeting focused on diffusing tensions....Read More

China reports first human death due to Monkey B Virus; Here’s all you need to know about it

China has reported its first-ever human death due to the Monkey B virus (MV). A Beijing-based vet succumbed to the virus after showing symptoms like severe vomiting and nausea. The news arrives in at the heels of the ongoing pandemic....Read More

Parliament Monsoon Session begins today: Houses adjourned amid uproar by oppn parties

The Monsoon session of parliament began on a chaotic note today as the opposition parties created a ruckus to stop PM Modi from introducing his new ministers. Centre has to introduce 29 new bills in this session. There will be....Read More

Tamil Nadu: First ring well with design unearthed at Keeladi site

The ancient ruins around the village of Keeladi in Tamil Nadu has been a gold mine for archeologists. Ring wells more than 2,000 years old are being unearthed that help understand the extend of Ancient India's knowledge and application of....Read More

Will BCCI take note that Rishabh Pant is Covid positive?

Despite having tested Covid-positive, renowned cricketer Rishabh Pant’s presence in the five-match Test series does not seem to be hanging on a tight rope. “WE HAVE SEEN EURO CHAMPIONSHIP & WIMBLEDON IN ENGLAND'. 'RULES HAVE CHANGED & THEY WERE ON....Read More

Euro 2020: Italy won the match but English fans lost their cool

As many as 49 arrests were made by the London police after the violent crackdown by English fans post the Eurocup football final match that took place between England and Italy, reported Loveena Tandon, India Today.  Tandon said that barricades....Read More

FDA reveals Johnson & Johnson vaccine could cause paralysis

In a crucial revelation, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on Monday that the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine can cause paralysis, namely the Gullain-Barre syndrome within 42 days of the jab.  "Although the available evidence suggests an....Read More

Space Tourism: The New Fad, The All New Fundraising Model

No sooner was billionaire Richard Branson sky high in his space journey that he announced a contest for two people on a spaceflight that will take place in 2022. Virgin Galactic that will organize the contest in partnership with charity....Read More

Is China funding vloggers to push its propaganda?

Several "independent" popular vloggers with considerable to huge following have been releasing content favouring China and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Vlogs refer to videos of persons sharing their lifestyle, opinions and other information of a general nature. They are....Read More

Twitter publishes first compliance report, abides by new IT-rules

After months of to and fro, Twitter on Sunday appointed a local grievance Officer of India and published a 'transparency report' which is mandatory for all social media sites according to the new Information Technology (IT) laws of the country.....Read More

Taliban calls China its ‘friend’, Is China helping terrorism grow?

Terrorist group Taliban was recently reported calling China as its friend. China is looking to expand its sphere of influence to include Afghanistan now that all US military presence in the country has been withdrawn. The Taliban immediately launched a....Read More

India blacklists NZ YouTuber Karl Rock for doing business on tourist visa

As per the Union Home Ministry, YouTuber Karl Rock had violated terms of his visa and hence has been blacklisted by India. He has been barred from entering India for a year over visa violations. Karl accused Indian government of....Read More

Boris Johnson orders review of China’s takeover of British tech firm

A day after the British government said that they would not intervene in China's takeover of UK's largest producer of semiconductors, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that his government will look into the purchase and review it. Nexperia,....Read More

Big Cabinet Reshuffle: Probable Names And Other Developments

The Central administration is soon to have a radical restructuring, as the Cabinet is soon to go through a reshuffle. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has not had any Cabinet changes after getting re-elected in 2019 by a huge vote....Read More

New Cabinet Action Plan: NewsX Lays Down Solution-Based To-Do List

Prime Minister Modi will announce his cabinet expansion today at 6 p.m. Ahead of the upcoming state elections next year and Monsoon session of the parliament, many fresh faces will be inducted into PM’s cabinet. NewsX has prepared a solution-based....Read More

Twitter failed to comply with new IT rules: GOI

Twitter remains in clear violation of the IT laws of India and can thus be legally tried by the courts. Twitter has been warned once again that it could lost its status as an independent social media platform and be....Read More

CBSE declares new scheme for class 10 and 12, divides exams in two terms

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) scrapped the one exam theory and divided the exams in two terms for class 10 and 12. The board has decided to divide the year into two terms with approximately 50 per cent....Read More

Jammu attack: IAF plans to buy anti-drone systems to destroy UAVs

The Indian Air Force wants 10 counter-drone systems capable of being armed with laser directed energy weapons in order to thwart drone attacks. This comes in the wake of an attack on the Jammu Aur Force station where UAVs (Unmanned....Read More

Cabinet calling? Jyotiraditya Scindia and other leaders arrive in Delhi

Ahead of the Monsoon Session of the Parliament, murmurs around Prime Minister Narendra Modi's cabinet expansion continue to grow as several leaders of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) including Jyotiraditya Scindia have arrived in Delhi. The speculations of Prime Minister's....Read More

All major J&K political parties sans PDP to meet Delimitation Panel today

In a significant breakthrough, all major parties of Jammu & Kashmir barring the PDP have agreed to meet the Delimitation Commission today. The Commission comprising of Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai, Chief Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra and Deputy Election Commissioner Chandra....Read More

Chinese fighter jet exports fail due to tarnished global image

China's military capabilities continue to grow and as a global economic powerhouse, most would expect it weapon export market to boom alongside as well. However, China's defense exports have been lower than might be expected of a country with such....Read More

China building more than 100 ‘nuclear’ missile silos in desert

Amid celebrations of the 100th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), China is in the process of building well over a hundred nuclear silos, according to news reports. Nuclear silos refer to missile launch sites dug into the ground,....Read More

Brazil suspends contract to buy 20 million doses of Covaxin

Brazil had decided to cancel a contract for the purchase of coronavirus vaccines from India at the cost of $324 million. The vaccine order now cancelled was for 20 million Covaxin doses, manufactered by Bharat Biotech. The Brazilian Health Ministry....Read More

India raises Jammu air base attack at UNGA; Are drones new weapons of terror?

India on Monday drew the attention of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) towards the potential new weapons of terror, drones. India also stated how terrorists were using drones as a low-cost option for carrying out terror activities. This development comes....Read More

Baihetan Dam: China turns on world’s second biggest hydropower dam

The second largest hydro-electric dam, named the Baihetan Dam, has had two of its generating units activated yesterday i.e. 28 June. The dam is built upon the Jihan river and s part of China’s massive dam construction program. The Three....Read More

Real CCP Report Card: When China Lost To Vietnam

1st July will mark the hundredth anniversary since the foundation of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that has remained the permanent administrative body of China ever since winning the Chinese Civil War in 1949. Indo-China, the region east of India....Read More

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh embarks on a 3-day visit to Ladakh

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh arrived on Sunday in Leh for a three day visit to ladakh. The trip holds a lot of importance as it comes days after India and China held diplomatic talks and agreed to end the prolonged....Read More

‘Variant of concern’: Over 40 cases of Delta Plus found in India

A new variant of coronavirus has been detected in Southern and Central parts of India. The variant has been named Delta Plus. This new strain may have evolved from the Delta variant which too, was first identified in India. The....Read More

Pak PM Imran Khan draws flak for sexist comments

Imran Khan, the President of Pakistan, drew significant criticism from the International community upon him over his remarks on sexual assaults. Not two months have passed since, and he has once more repeated this scandal. During the previous interview in....Read More

Yoga as soft power: India unites the world with Yoga

On the topic of foreign affairs, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has lifted the significance of 'soft power': the ability to convince or persuade another party through persuasion and possibly calling upon old favours. India established soft power strongholds in dozens....Read More

Peter Daszak-Wuhan link nailed; Google and USAID funded decade long virus experiments

The EcoHealth Alliance, a non-profit organisation concerned with wildlife and forest conservation, endorsed heavily by Google, has been accused of covering up the Wuhan lab leak theory. Both Google and EcoHealth are being widely scrutinised for supressing the lab leak....Read More

China’s nuclear leak coverup: Top scientist dies under mysterious circumstances

Zhang Zhijian, a CCP member, a nuclear scientist of great repute and the former vice-chancellor of the world renowned Harbin Engineering University, turned up dead on June 18 under mysterious circumstances, officially from a fall from a high building. His....Read More

K’taka seeks major defence push, pitches to set up defence technology hubs

Karnataka Minister Jagdish Shettar said on Thursday that the state was planning to set up defence technology hubs across Karnataka to leverage the presence of major defence research labs and aerospace firms and industries. He said during a webinar that....Read More

China recruits jobless Tibetans to form ‘volunteer militia’

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China has begun raising a militia composed of native Tibetan volunteers that are to maintain security near the Indian border with Sikkim. This can be a considerable factor in the larger Indo-China conflict, especially....Read More

Decoding China’s covert attacks on Taiwan, how China harasses Taiwan

Though China and Taiwan have many reasons to avoid a war that could kill many lives, devastate their economies and potentially lead to a nuclear conflict with the US and its allies but unfortunately the geopolitical tensions today have only....Read More

Satellite images expose China’s airpower expansion, what is Xi planning?

Some reports predicted and sounded an alarm in 2020 that China’s airpower would continue to be a major defence theme in 2021. China’s recent construction spree of air fields over artificial islands in South China Sea don’t just validate the....Read More

One year since Galwan tragedy, India remembers bravehearts

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the "Galwan clash" wherein 20 Indian soldiers laid down their lives in the defence of India’s sovereign territory. NewsX also spoke to 3 of the families of India's Galwan martyrs about their stand on the....Read More

The Seeker: Indian amateur sleuth who made world rethink Wuhan lab leak claims

While established and well paid investigators aren’t able to solve the mystery of the origin of Coronavirus, amateur sleuths like “The Seeker” have forced the world to rethink the origins of the virus that many now claim is a lab-made....Read More

After VP M Venkaiah Naidu, Twitter removes RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s verified badge

On Saturday morning (June 5, 2021) Social Media giant Twitter removed the Bluetick from the personal account of India's Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu Which resulted in a major reaction. His verification badge was later restored. On social media platforms,....Read More

#IndiaBeginsUnlock: States begin to relax curbs; what’s allowed, what’s not

Several states including Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh have begun the process of Covid Unlock, i.e., the re-opening of institutions and services (restaurants, malls, gyms etc.) that were temporarily closed because of coronavirus. India has, as....Read More

Canada: Indigenous groups seek investigation after graves of 215 children discovered

In Canada last week 215 children's body was found buried, some as young as three years old at a former school, Kamloops Indian Residential School which once was a Canada's largest Indigenous residential school. One of the institutions that kept....Read More

Three Gorges Dam may be eclipsed by China’s massive dam on the Yarlung Tsangpo River

China's state-run media revealed plans for a 60-gigawatt mega-dam on the YarlungTsangpo River (known as the Brahmaputra in India) in the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) in November of last year. It is said to be bigger than the Three Gorges....Read More

China’s PR hoax: After antagonism, Xi seeks ‘lovable’ image of China

The General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and thus, the President of China Xi Jinping instructed officials of the Chinese administration to work towards creating a "trustworthy, lovable and respectable" reputation of the country in front of the....Read More

British scientist feels vindicated as more experts debunk China’s lies

A UK scientist whose claim of covid-19 being engineered and leaked from the Wuhan labs were earlier debunked is now pleased with the decision of the US government to probe deeper into the Wuhan lab. Angus Dalgleish, 71, a vaccine....Read More

Tech billionaire Mark Cuban invests in Indian crypto startup Polygon

An Indian cryptocurrency named Polygon, with significant presence in South Asia, Europe and Middle East and headquartered in Bengaluru, has managed to acquire an unknown amount of funding from Mark Cuban, a successful US-based tech entrepreneur with his net worth....Read More

ISRO, DRDO aid India’s battle against Covid-19 using AI for virus detection, supplying oxygen to states

As India tries to fight off the second wave of coronavirus, many institutions and ministries have joined the fray and are helping beat back the virus. Even the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)....Read More

‘Historic and landmark moment’: Military officers given powers of additional & joint secretaries

In a first, uniformed personnel from Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy have been appointed as additional secretary and joint secretaries in the Ministry of Defence. Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) appointed Lt....Read More

Coronavirus: Why is its origin still a mystery?

Even after 15.6 crore cases and 32.6-lakh deaths worldwide, the mystery of the origin of Coronavirus is yet to be unraveled. These numbers are staggering but the real numbers are believed to be far more than this "official" count. After....Read More

After metro cities, rural India struggles to access healthcare; Do we have a plan?

The 2nd wave of Coronavirus brought the healthcare system of India's national capital Delhi to its breaking point even though it is is said to be much more robust compared to the rest of the country. If the much acclaimed....Read More

Shocking BBMP ICU Bed Scam In Bengaluru | How 5,000 Beds Were Black-Marketed

Amid growing number of cases of Remdesivir counterfeiting and black marketing, a case where blocked beds were sold to the needy at a much higher price has emerged in Bangalore. With a massive surge in Coronavirus infections in Bangalore, it....Read More

First consignment of Sputnik V arrived in India on Saturday, research demonstrates 91% efficacy rate

The first shipment of Sputnik V arrived in Hyderabad from Russia by airplane on Saturday. The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has cleared the shipment from any duties or tariffs. Many countries have answered India's call for....Read More

Election Results 2021 LIVE Updates: Verdict Day For 4 States & 1 UT, Do new govts have a plan against Covid?

As the nation faces Coronavirus crisis, new governments are going to be formed today in 4 states, Bengal, Assam Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and, in the Union Territory of Puducherry. The focus is least on who wins in all these....Read More

#VerdictToAct: WB, Assam, TN, Kerala, Puducherry winners should focus on overcoming ongoing Covid crisis

The announcement of  assembly election results in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam and Puducherry is scheduled for tomorrow. However, not politics but the focus after results shall remain on the actions the winning parties' candidates take in the direction....Read More

#WhereIsMyVaccine Vaccination for 18+? Several states plead for vaccine doses

Shortage of vaccine doses has further worsened India's catastrophic Covid-19 crisis. While the nation had planned a huge vaccination drive starting today, the system seems to be falling apart as states do not have vaccine doses to begin vaccination for....Read More

Tech & Pandemic: Over 1.2 crore register as vaccine drive opens for 18+

Applications like Argogya Setu and the CoWin website are examples of technology's contribution to the war effort against coronavirus. Science and technology utilise resources to create wondrous things and oftentimes, they help humanity survive the worst of disasters. These pandemic....Read More

May 1 vaccination drive: Not all states may be able to start phase 3 vaccination for all adults

India is set to begin the third phase of the 'world's largest vaccination programme' from May 1st which will designate all adults of age 18 and above as eligible for vaccination. However, this new phase brings with it the question....Read More

Covid vaccine prices fluctuate: After SII, Bharat Biotech reduces price of vaccine doses for states

Ahead of India's 3rd phase of vaccination drive, the debate over the pricing of vaccines has further intensified due to reported fluctuations in the pricing. Serum Institute of India (SII) on Wednesday reduced the price of its vaccine for the....Read More

Ahead of May 2 election results amid surging covid infections, EC bans all kinds of victory processions

Ahead of election results on May 2, it is necessary to acknowledge the ongoing pandemic and how political gatherings have turned out to be super spreader events in the past weeks. As the 2nd wave of coronavirus wreaked havoc in....Read More

#Covid365Plan: Action plan to prevent upcoming Coronavirus waves

India's healthcare system is currently on the verge of collapsing and no prediction reports or models sounded any emergency alarms in advance this time. After the 2nd wave had gripped India, Chief Ministers of states didn't want to impose lockdowns....Read More

#MissionO2: Oxygen plants set up across India but availability of oxygen beds still a problem

As the nation faces an acute oxygen crunch, oxygen plants have been set up across the nation, and, other countries have also extended their support to India. However, finding oxygen beds is still a major problem that people are dealing....Read More

Expert panel suggests 14-day lockdown, stringent curbs in Karnataka; Is Bangaluru better prepared than Delhi?

Bengaluru is India's worst-hit district with Coronavirus as it has 1,50,000 active cases, the highest for a city in the entire country. However, Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa is yet to decide on a complete lockdown in Karnataka to break the....Read More

Ahead of May 1, Centre issues guidelines to states, UTs for phase 3 of vaccination

May 1st onwards, the 3rd phase of vaccination will begin in earnest and people of age 18 and above will be authorised for vaccination. The Central government yesterday i.e. 24 April had released guidelines regarding the flawless execution of the New....Read More

Mission Oxygen: NewsX lays down India Inc action plan to combat crisis

The second wave of coronavirus, which is more infectious than before, is ravaging the entire nation, with cases skyrocketing. The death toll is also getting out of hands, there is a shortage of Oxygen everywhere in hospitals resulting in several....Read More

Oxygen concentrators: Why are they in demand, can they solve Oxygen crisis?

The second wave of coronavirus, which is more infectious than before, is ravaging the entire nation, with cases skyrocketing. The death toll is also getting out of hand because of oxygen shortages in hospitals resulting in several patients passing away....Read More

NewsX Covid Task Force: Reach out to #NewsX to amplify Covid SOS Calls

As the 2nd wave of Coronavirus which is more infectious than before, is ravaging the entire nation with cases skyrocketing and hospitals running out of oxygen, ICU beds, etc.,  NewsX is amplifying SOS calls, and, a team at NewsX is dedicatedly....Read More

India records highest daily spike globally with over 3-Lakh fresh Covid-19 cases

In a first, India reported over 3,00,000 lakh fresh Coronavirus cases in the last 24-hours, this is the highest daily spike globally. In a steep spike, the number of Covid-related fatalities recorded also jumped to 2104. Political leaders including Delhi CM....Read More

Bengal Assembly Elections 2021 LIVE Updates: Phase 6 polling underway, 17.19% voter turnout recorded till 9.30 a.m.

The polling for the 6th phase of Assembly Elections began in Bengal today and is currently underway. 43  constituencies are going to polls today including 9 in each North Dinajpur and Nadia districts, 8 in  East Burdwan and 17 in North 24....Read More

After Delhi, Maha CM Uddhav Thackeray likely to announce lockdown in state tonight

After Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced a 6-day lockdown in the national capital, sources suggest that the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray will also announce a state-wide lockdown in his tonight's address at 8 p.m. Given the current....Read More

Another mass exodus of migrant workers likely as Delhi, Maha healthcare systems tremble

A disturbing but familiar situation is playing out in Delhi and Maharashtra as migrant workers from other states are leaving these cities for their homes en masse. This comes after a week-long lockdown imposed by the Chief Minister of Delhi,....Read More

“Lockdown last resort”: PM Modi, Are we still away from the worst?

In his yesterday's address to the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ruled out an immediate lockdown, he mentioned that lockdown should be avoided and be looked at as the last resort. Given the massive surge in daily Covid-19 cases and....Read More

#InternationalPompeDay: Pompe foundation presents a captivating session on “Pompe: A rare disease”

On International Pompe Day, NewsX in partnership with Pompe Foundation held an enthralling session on 'Pompe: A rare disease'. NewsX was joined by an expert panel which included Dr Sheela Nampoothiri, clinical professor and the head of the department of....Read More

For 3rd consecutive day, India records over 2L Covid-19 cases in a single-day spike

With the sharpest ever single-day surge, India's Coronavirus caseload has surged to 1.45 crore cases. For 3rd consecutive day, the national has recorded over 2 lakh fresh cases in a single day. 2,34,692 fresh infections 1,341 deaths have been reported in the....Read More

Bengal Assembly Elections LIVE Updates: 78.36% voter turnout recorded till 5:45 pm

Polling for the 5th phase of Assembly elections began at 7 am in Bengal today. A total of 45 constituencies are going to polls today that will decide the fate of 342 candidates. With polling, the blame game also began....Read More

Fear of fundamentalists violence: LMG check posts at police stations

Dhaka: Aacross the country Police have been instructed  about the violance of the Islamice Fundamentalust gruop name Hefazote Islam.  In addition to vigilance, posts with light machine guns (LMGs) and Chinese rifles are being set up at police stations and....Read More

ISRO espionage case: SC directs Government to forward DK Jain commission report to CBI for further action

On Thursday, the Supreme Court approved the report of a three-member panel in the ISRO espionage case against Nambi Narayanan, led by former Supreme Court Justice (retd) D K Jain, and ordered that it should be handed over to the....Read More

Action plan to tackle 2nd wave of Covid-19: Does India need another lockdown?

With the Covid-19 situation in India deteriorating rapidly, the calls for another lockdown are getting louder. If experts are to be believed, India needs to be put under lockdown for 15 days in order to break the transmission chain. However,....Read More

Covid India SOS: Over 1.70 L cases reported in 24 hours; 10 CR vaccine doses administered on Day 1 of Tika Utsav

India is on a mission to speed up its vaccination drive as the country battles the 2nd wave of Coronavirus. As per the Union Health Ministry, over 1,68,912 new Covid-19 cases have been registered in the past 24-hours, taking the number of....Read More

War of words erupts over Bengal violence, Didi calls it “genocide” while Shah counters with “provoked firing”

Calling it a genocide, Mamata Banerjee launched an attack on the Election Commission and said that the EC should rename the Model Code of Conduct as Modi Code of Conduct. In an attempt to refute Didi's allegations, Union Home Minister....Read More

Protect Indian scientists: SC to hear ISRO espionage case tomorrow, time for Dr Nambi’s vindication?

The 1994 espionage case of ISRO that ruined the prominence of scientist S. Nambi Narayanan finally seems to be heading towards justice. The Supreme Court is tomorrow scheduled to hear Union of India's IA filed in the case against Narayanan....Read More

US VP Kamala Harris highlights need to rebuild water policy; China planning a Water War?

Highlighting the need to revamp the water policy of the country, the Vice President of the USA Kamala Harris said recently that for years and generations, wars had been fought over oil but in a short matter of time, they....Read More

The Sarkari Karyalay’s Vaibhav Shukla opens up on his role, past life, OTT’s future and more

As suggested by experts, relatable content is always enthralling to the audience and it carries a universal charm. Binge's The Sarkari Karyalay is one such affair, where, taking a jibe at the challenges government officials make you go through for....Read More

First Taiwan, then Philippines and now India: Time for world to act against China’s belligerence

China has always sought to be the domineering force in Asia and to exert its influence in other nations, it also launched the Belt and Road program for building infrastructure in developing countries. Although, it also resorts to violence and....Read More

As China tempts Paraguay to severe ties with Taiwan, India steps in to defend Taiwan-Paraguay relations

Defending Taiwan's ties with Paraguay, India sent out 100,000 Covaxin doses to the South American nation at a time when China was trying to tempt Paraguay against Taiwan by offering vaccines.  The foreign minister of Taiwan, Joseph Wu on Wednesday said that....Read More

Dravidians Vs Aryans politics to Tamil-Hindi divide, is Dravadian politics here to stay?

Tamil Nadu politics remains incomplete without the mention of the Dravidian ideology that basically dominates politics in the state. DMK and AIADMK, the two Dravidian parties of Tamil Nadu have been robustly retaining power in the state, siding even the....Read More

TN, Puducherry and Kerala Assembly polls: 39.90%, 53.76% and 47.28 voter turnout recorded till 1 pm

People of Tamil Nadu, kerala and Puducherry will today vote for a new government as the polling for 234 Assembly seats, 30 assembly seats in Puducherry and 140 in Kerala in a single-phase Assembly elections of the state is currently....Read More

Bengal EVM controversy: BJP, Cong & TMC level allegations of voting disruption

With elections going on in Bengal, politics of levelling allegations of voting disruption on each other has also begun from all parties. While Trinamool Congress is being accused by the Bhartiya Janata Party of violence and brutality, Congress is alleging....Read More

Scientist Nambi Narayanan’s case likely to send ripples to Kerala politics; Centre urges SC to take action

Overlooked for long, a case that destroyed the reputation of former ISRO scientist S. Nambi Narayanan finally seems to be heading towards justice. The central government has put its weight on a report submitted by Justice DK Jain's panel appointed....Read More

ISRO espionage case: SC’s high-level panel submits report on scientist Nambi Narayanan’s illegal arrest

The panel appointed by the Supreme Court to probe the "illegal" arrest, "tremendous harassment" and "immeasurable anguish" of the former director of the cryogenic project at ISRO, Scientist S. Nambi Narayanan at the hands of Kerala cops, has submitted its report. Narayanan was....Read More

Chinese troops converge on Myanmar border to “protect fuel pipelines”

Chinese soldiers have been gathering along the border of Myanmar, seemingly under the pretence of guarding Chinese oil pipelines. The troops have been gathering mostly around the Chinese town of Jiegao that borders the Burmese town of Muse. China is....Read More

China intensifies Xinjiang propaganda, portrays happy Uyghurs through Facebook ads

Despite Facebook being banned across China, Beijing is using the platform extensively to spread lies intended at making people fall globally for their narrative of Uyghur Muslims being treated well in Xinjiang province. Facebook employees have now gone ahead to....Read More

GOI offers $1 billion for chip manufacturing units; Can India be a ‘Chip Superpower’?

In an attempt and what could be the commencement of an era of India's dominance in the world of tech, the government of India will offer $1 billion in cash to the companies willing to set up a semiconductor manufacturing unit....Read More

China attempts to occupy mindspace with blatant lies; Time tech giants take action to curb this?

Be it border clashes with India, crackdown on Uighur Muslims or Coronavirus, China has been crafting and propagating uncredible posts through social media in order to occupy the mind space of people with narratives favouring them. Multiple reports suggest that....Read More

Twitter erupts with Chinese cotton harvesting videos; China using big tech firms to spread lies?

Apparent social media propaganda has been set up by China to refute claims of forced labour in Xinjiang as many countries and human rights organisations report that China sends Uyghurs Muslims living in the region to concentration camps, gulag style work....Read More

NASA refers to Taiwan as a country: China cries violation of ‘One-China principle’

China has been rattled by NASA for referring to Taiwan as a country. China claims Taiwan to be a part of its territory and keeps demanding other entities to do so as well. Apparently, people can register on NASA'S website....Read More