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Sacred Games: Understated Saif in a cerebral Netflix extravaganza

The shock of the centrality of shit, oops faeces, in a megapolis like Mumbai is what got one's gut in Slumdog Millionaire. The answer to that shock administered by Danny Boyle is answered by Sacred Games, helmed by two, not....Read More

Failed state Pakistan punishes corrupt Nawaz Sharif, family but Panama Papers collect dust in India

There are many derogatory references to Pakistan in Indian popular culture, the most prominent being a persistent need to call the toilet the name of India’s western neighbour. The practice is so mainstream that unlike most other things, the hate....Read More

Asansol violence comes to a halt after 50 more arrests

Normalcy is steadily returning to violence-hit Asansol in West Bengal, almost four days after communal clashes erupted over Ram Navami celebrations in the area. As per reports, the West Bengal police has arrested almost 50 people including Bharatiya Janata Party....Read More


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