In what clearly depict the habit of Indians violating traffic laws, a survey conducted by Japanese automobile company Nissan has suggested that 3 out of every 5 drivers use mobile phones while driving. The main pointers of the study added that only one in 4 admitted having been caught for breaking the law. The study also reflected the difference between north and south India, when it comes traffic violations. The study says usage of mobile phones in North India is 62 pc as compared to 52 pc in South. Issuing the survey, Nissan Motor India Managing Director Jerome Siagot in a statement said that our survey clearly shows that Indians are posing a serious threat to others lives.

The survey said it raised a major concern on safety and suggest the need for in-car technology. The survey by Nissan was conducted in 20 states between December and January, questioning 2,200 people about their habits while driving. South Indian state Kerala with 60 pc respondents admitted that they have broken the law when it comes to over speeding, followed by National capital Delhi with 51 pc and 28 pc in Punjab. The director added, ” This has been further affirmed by the fact that 53 pc respondents expressed the desire to be connected to their family even while driving.”

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Around 68 pc of the respondents admitted that they get lost while driving to a new place, leading to the increase worries and anxious for their families. The survey added that 64 pc of the respondents often get late for meetings. However, there is the difference is this trend, as 65 pc respondents in Kerala admitted this failure of meeting time commitments in comparison to 48 pc in Punjab.

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