New Delhi: Analyst organization IHS Automotive says that the number of driverless and self-driving cars could reach to 21 million by 2035, across the globe. The IHS in January 2014 had predicted that the self-driving cars sales would reach 11.8 million by 2035.
But now the organisation has doubled its previous estimate, keeping in consideration the increased research and development of autonomous technology by carmakers and tech firms.
The US will be the earliest adopter but the process will take off in China.
IHS expects that Japan will increase the production and investment ahead of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.”
America and Japan will pave the way for driverless cars and China will contribute for technology.
According to the report, the Middle East and Africa will see a million automated vehicle sold by the date. The Eastern and Western Europe will have an estimated 4.5 million driverless cars over the same period.
The IHS however points out that these driverless cars will face challenges in cyber security and software reliability.

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