New Delhi: Many of us know what a Lamborghini Huracan is. In fact, it’s possible you might have seen one too, considering all three versions of the supercar viz. coupe, spyder and the rear-wheel-drive version are on sale in the country. A set of spy shots tells us the Italian supercar maker is testing the Superleggera variant of the little Lambo. What’s a “Superleggera”, you ask? Well, when translated into the language of the Queen, it literally means ‘super light’. You see where this is going, right?
The first half of the Superleggera recipe is to strip-off extra weight by using lightweight materials, usually carbon fibre, in its construction. Lamborghini has stripped out the interior as well, ditching door panels altogether and using lightweight Alcantara instead of leather. The Italians are known to be fanatic in their pursuit of weight-shedding. Case in point, the Gallardo Superleggera used titanium wheel nuts and seats moulded out of carbon fibre to save weight. 
Expect the Huracan Superleggera to follow the footsteps of its predecessor, and be equally focussed on dropping the extra weight. Of course, it gets a few visual differentiators as well such as different bumpers, carbon fibre mirror caps and a massive wing planted behind the 5.2-litre V10 motor.
That brings us to the second half of the recipe that includes slapping on more go-power. Unlike the rear-wheel drive version that loses weight and gets a down tuned motor, the Superleggera will get a bump up in the power department. The current naturally aspirated V10 motor already belts out a healthy 610PS of power, which is expected to go up to nearly 650PS for the stripped out version. The 0-100kmph dash is likely to get quicker from the current 3.2 seconds as well. Top speed, that is currently rated at 325kmph might go further north. 
Most importantly, the spy shots reveal that Lamborghini has rejigged the rear a bit to improve airflow. Other than the obvious (and massive) fixed spoiler, the exhausts have been moved to the centre, right below the tail lamps. This enables Lamborghini to use all of the real-estate in the lower half of the rear bumper to install a big diffuser. The front bears a set of wider air-intakes as well. 
Just like a standard car, the Superleggera is likely to be offered as a coupe and a convertible, with the latter wearing the ‘Performante’ moniker. As far as launch is concerned, keep your eyes peeled for a bright Lamborghini at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. Oh, and before we wrap up; will it come to India? Most likely. Lamborghini is fast becoming the preferred brand for supercar-aficionados in the country and the Superleggera will only make the manufacturer’s case stronger. 

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