New Delhi: There’s a new X in town! Well, not really, it is just a concept as of now. Nonetheless, say hello to the X2 concept that BMW showcased at the Paris Motor Show. It looks well on its way to full-scale production in the not so distant future, and if the name wasn’t a dead giveaway, it will slot in between the baby X1 and the X3.
The X2 would have ideally looked like a scaled-down X6, but surprisingly that isn’t the case this time round. The ingredients are exactly the same, incorporating the low-slung coupe stance with the high-riding profile of an SUV, but the recipe is a touch different.
Trademark BMW elements, including the twin kidney grille (which appears to be upside down), the angry-looking headlamps, LED taillamps and the Hofmeister kink all find their rightful place on the X2. The designers have also paid tribute to the BMWs of yesteryear, by placing the roundel on the forward-slanting C-pillar.
The theme is evidently a lot more muscular than the existing X-Series models, which are made amply evident by the large 21-inch wheels and the rugged looking ‘underfloor protection’ around the door sills. The tyres have really nice chunky tread too, which is a showcase for the potential off-road capability the production-spec vehicle is likely to possess.
We think the X2 looks absolutely smashing, especially in this bold ‘Luminous Red’ colour. While there is no official word on production feasibility, we think it is only a matter of time. The increasing preference for SUVs in all shapes and sizes across the globe will only push the German automaker to turn the concept into a reality.