New Delhi: Almost every four-wheeler manufacturer that wants to make a name for itself in the electric vehicle space wishes to compete with California-based all-electric automaker Tesla. Lucid Motors, another California-based all-electric car startup, will soon reveal its first luxury electric sedan concept, which will rival the Tesla Model S.
Until a couple of weeks ago, Lucid Motors, which came into existence in 2007, was known as ‘Atieva’. According to the official release, in the initial years, the company was developing a battery system that could be scaled to work across many vehicle types. From 2014, it began engineering an electric vehicle of its own. No doubt the Model S rivalling sedan will feature autonomous driving since its website indicates the same: “Our vehicles will feature automated driving systems, natural voice interactions, and intuitive user interfaces.”  
If any manufacturer wants to aim for Tesla, it needs to speed up its work since Tesla is growing at a tremendous pace. Not only are its zero-emission vehicles well-accepted in the international market, they are more than capable of competing with conventional cars, be it in terms of range, power or comfort. Tesla has recently opened its brand-new factory – Gigafactory 1 – in Nevada, which also happens to have the largest footprint of any kind of building in the world and will soon consolidate every manufacturing process in the new premises.
With the economies of scale, Tesla will be able to make its cars affordable and the first example of this would be the upcoming Model 3. 
Tesla will enter India in a couple of years with the introduction of its most affordable offering – the Model 3. And if Tesla has planned to come here, we can expect its competitors such as Lucid Motors to find their way into the Indian market as well. Stay tuned for all the fresh developments regarding Lucid Motors. 

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