New Delhi: Piaggio on Tuesday launched the most expensive 125cc scooter – the legendary Vespa 946 Emporio Armani Edition – at Rs 12.04 lakh. There are already many variants of Vespa in Indian market but Vespa 946 definitely makes a statement.

The Italian two-wheeler manufacturer teamed up with the icon of fashion industry, Georgio Armani, to come up with this masterpiece. The extremely stunning looks of the two-wheeler are designed by Armani and has Emporio Armani imprinted on it in a stylish silver font.

Piaggio has powered the scooter with 125cc single-cylinder engine that has a power of 11.72 bhp and produces a torque of 10.3Nm.

Given the huge price tag on the two wheeler buyers will be hard to come by and this is all the more reason that Piaggio will make these Rs 12 lakh hot-wheels on orders only.