Hindustan Motors has officially sold the iconic brand Ambassador to top European car-maker Peugeot for a deal which is purported be around Rs 80 crore.

“Hindustan Motors has executed an agreement with Peugeot SA for the sale of the Ambassador brand, including the trademarks, for a consideration of Rs 80 crore,” Hindustan Motors said in an official statement on Saturday.

Ambassador is one of the most iconic car brands in India which has been utilised both by the common man and the men in power. In days of sedans and hatchbacks, Ambassadors stand out as ancient figures that still maintain a dominant reputation in the Indian automobile industry.

Below mentioned are four things the Ambassador will be fondly remembered for:

1. A politician’s vehicle

Ambassador, though used widely and favourably as taxis, will predominantly be remembered for its usage by politicians. The beaming red light, the bumpy facade and the two wide front and rear lights will be an image hard to erase.

2. A rough and tough vehicle

The Ambassador has enjoyed a reputation for having a tough construction in the internal mechanisms of the car. Its long bonnet is considered by many as tough as that of a normal truck’s.

3. It was the dream car

Going back in the 70s meant that Indian drivers did not have much option except go for the Ambassador. However, the Ambassador’s style and the durability it provided were so impressive that rose astoundingly in the market, becoming the dream car for many Indian families.

4. Style

No other cars in the market would exude as much style as the Ambassador does. A brunette coloured Ambassador would attract as much attention as a luxury car would do, even without establishing the fact the Ambassador has long become a vintage favourite.