Triumph and Bajaj have entered into a global partnership with an aim of delivering a range of mid-capacity motorcycles with the technical know-how and collective strengths of both companies.

The two companies are hoping to reach out to the new global markets by leveraging the brand position, R&D, quality and cost competitiveness that each of them holds. This partnership will enable the brands to offer a wider range of motorcycles within the domestic and international markets.

Bajaj currently offers a range of motorcycles starting from 100cc segment to 400cc segment. Triumph, on the other hand, offers motorcycles ranging from 765cc to 2300cc. Triumph and Bajaj aim at reaching out to a wider group of motorcyclists across the world, especially in the mid-displacement space a group that has been untapped by them till date. The new partnership should enable both companies to fill out the gap in between, with a range of offering in 400cc to 700cc segment.

This strategic partnership shall enable Bajaj Auto to tap into a new line of European technology aimed towards a more “lazy”, read cruiser and lifestyle, offerings.

Whereas Triumph should gain from the wide network that Bajaj holds in the emerging markets. Triumph shall also benefit from the already available manufacturing facilities in India, enabling them to offer more affordable motorcycles going forward.

Exciting times for motorcycling enthusiasts indeed!


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