Royal Enfield is renowned in the country for manufacturing sturdy-looking cruisers for a certain segment of motorcycle lovers, however, the oldest motorcycle brand has come under severe criticism from the not-so-proud anymore customers. The owners of Royal Enfield Classic Pegasus 500 are feeling so cheated ever since the launch of Classic 350 ABS Signals that one of them threw his bike in the garbage to show his dissent.

The Pegasus 500 owners were quite happy with their mean machines but all hell broke loose when Royal Enfield rolled out the all-new Classic 350 ABS Signals. According to sources, they are arguing that they paid Rs 2.4 lakh for the Pegasus for its uniqueness and antiquity. But the motorcycle manufacturer took away their special feeling by launching the new Classic 350 with same design and features at a much cheaper rate of Rs 1.61 lakh, they further said.

One owner showed his anger by leaving his Classic Pegasus in the garbage and the pictures of it started circulating on the internet. When the matter escalated, the company tried to appease the angry customers with a lengthy explanation, but the damage has been done with the arrival of the Classic 350 and it is beyond repair.

A couple of weeks back, the company had launched the Pegasus 500 Limited Edition with some unique features to pay tribute to the British Army and their involvement in World War 2. Only 250 units of it were produced with each being priced at Rs 2.4 lakh.

Recently, Royal Enfield rolled out Classic ABS Signals, an upgrade to the previous Classic 350, with features more similar to the Pegasus but at least Rs 80,000 cheaper at Rs 1.61 lakh.

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