At a time when terms like women empowerment and gender equality have become a fad with people voicing their concerns strongly on social media against social discrimination and beating trumpets that things are drastically changing, women continue to be objectified. At events like Auto Expo, the practice of sexual objectification continues year after year and people just refuse to break their silence. If you are a fan of cars and bikes, you must have certainly seen pictures of lavish cars on display either at the event or in images, and standing next to those beauties are gorgeous-looking models with plastered smiles on their faces as mens’ eyeballs wander from cars to these ‘eye candies’.

The burning question is what message are the organisers trying to send out by putting these girls next to their cars. Do they not have faith in the features of the cars that they need to resort to cheap ways to grab people’s attention? The models participating in the show are well aware of the fact that they will be ogled at, but they still accept their objectification for the sake of some quick money. The models at Auto Expo earn around Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000 a day and there is a huge list of applicants vying to get a chance to be part of the event to pocket some money.

Standing for hours at a stretch on inches of heel also takes a toll on the health of these girls and might have long-term side effects. One might argue that these models choose to be a part of the show out of their own wish and are well aware of the pros and cons, but that cannot be used as an excuse by the organisers. They cannot shrug away the responsibilities and continue to use girls like objects. Waiting for the day when the cars would be able to stand out on their own and would not need a pretty face next to them to attract the attention of viewers. Hopefully, this will be a reality next year and it would be awesome to have a lovely car sans a girl in a picture frame. Are the organisers paying attention?


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