There were times when humans wore leaves and travelled on foot then happened, the evolution. Following the evolution, humans shifted to cooked food and started developing means of transportation.  As the times changed, humans developed themselves and brought an evolution in the whole automobile sector. With the changing times, the cars became safer and easy to drive, hence becoming the most convenient mode of transportation. Since the innovation in automobile sectors was limitless, the makers went up a notch and built electric cars, which are now said to be the future of the auto sector.

Let’s face it, in the recent times the electric cars have not only garnered people’s attention but have also turned out to be the easiest way to control the increasing environmental pollution. This introduction of electric vehicles, which is being perceived as ‘auto evolution’ by many auto experts, has also been subject to criticism over the certain lapses. One of the biggest and known electric car-maker, Tesla was recently in the news after a driver lost his life after his Tesla Model S crashed into a truck that was crossing his path. It was the time when the ability and the safety of electric cars were questioned as one of the main features of this car was to accelerate, brake and turn without the assistance of the driver.

However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) later said that it ‘found no errors in the self-driving system of Tesla’. Even after the self-driving system was given a clean chit by the authorities, the fear of electric cars still doesn’t seem to end. In the latest season of The Grand Tour, the automobile journalists also picked up the issue but with an entirely different approach. They raced three supercars — Lamborghini Aventador (to highlight the past with just a petrol engine), mid-engined hybrid Honda NSX and the car which is said to be the future of supercars, Rimac Concept One. The Rimac is manufactured by Rimac Automobili in Croatia.

Even though Rimac, remained the first one to cross the start line with 4 separate motors powering each wheel, it failed to return to the finish line. The first episode of The Grand Tour had a little bit of dramatic start with Richard Hammond crashing the super Rimac.

The Concept One is one of the fastest accelerating road-legal vehicles on the planet currently. With four electric motors making a combined output of nearly 1,100 HP, the Rimac will do 0-97 kmph in 2.4 seconds, 0-200 kmph in 6 seconds and 0-300 kmph in 14 seconds. The top speed is also an impressive 356 kmph.  Well, after reading all this you would have realised that Lamborghini and Honda stood no chance of winning the drag race. The Concept One will be used as the official zero-emission race director’s car during Formula E events.

What provoked the people to question the safety of electric cars was after the crash Rimac burnt for 5 days consecutively. Shocked? Everyone was. Even though Hammond escaped with no major injury, one of the lithium batteries from the engine motor broke and caught fire, which later resulted in the chain reaction causing the fire that lasted for days. As per reports, the car is powered by around 8,000 such batteries. The car is extremely lightweight with all the carbon-fibre body.

Not to mention, the emergency services were already present at the spot where the Rimac crash took place, which is why Hammond escaped unhurt. But think of a time when you don’t have emergency services tailing you, would you step into the future supercar Rimiac? Or would you stay with the old school noisy cars?